Guidelines on How to Recycle Your Mobile Phone


Recycling enables you to get rid of old handsets while earning a quick buck in the process. Also, it can help you replace your old phone with a new handset. Samsung electronics empowered some of its engineers on ways to help improve the reuse of older models. To turn an old handset that is two or three years old into the new platform. Engineers updated software in the devices that can be customized and upgraded to allow the old phones. Thus, the move of improvement can only come through market-based incentives for longer-lasting electronics when tackling the sheer quantity of discarded electronics. In this system, electronics are rented out instead of purchased and sold.

Why You Need to Recycle Your Phone

If you have an old handset, you are more likely to put it in a drawer instead of repurposing it. However,  the dated computer can still have cash value, or you can donate it to a good cause (possibly for a tax write-off). If you do not want to use the phone again, you can recycle it and make sure that the toxic materials inside do not end up in the landfill. Two kinds of materials involve specific disposal processes in smartphones and other e-waste:

1.       Metals

In electronics, precious materials such as rare metals are difficult to extract, refine, and use. At the end of its lifespan, we must reclaim as many of these materials from a device as possible so that producers can eliminate the new mining of these materials.

2.       Hazardous materials, particularly in the batteries, are in every single smartphone, tablet, and wearable. Putting these products in a landfill will potentially hurt the atmosphere and it is even worse to put them in an incinerator.

To recycle your phone, you need to follow the following guidelines.

·         Check the internal storage.

When you first upgraded from this old phone to your new one, you should have transferred the important files, but it is important to look one last time.

·         Factory reset the phone.

It will help you delete all of your data, i.e., your data, from the old device.

·         Check SIM and microSD card slots.

You need to check if you might have left on your old phone, search the card trays and slots. Before recycling your phone, delete the old cards.

·         Take off the device’s case.

Although cases are useful when holding a phone, cases experience distinct recycling processes than the phones themselves, so take it off.

If you plan to resell your phone, you should look for all the components that came with your device. Like the charger, box and other accessories. It will help you get a higher price.

·         Figure out where to recycle your phone

If your phone is newer and has a good condition, some online marketplaces will provide a better offer for your device. They mostly offer you the chance to sell new, used or working phones. However, they provide you with different conditions where your phone will be eligible for selling.If you want to make the most money, you are likely to do so by selling your phone on a website such as Craigslist or eBay, or the Marketplace section of Facebook, and finding a direct buyer. However, it could take some time, effort, and coordination, and there is always the potential for fraud, but by cutting out a middleman, the extra hassle might bring extra money.

You can also donate to nonprofits that require these phones to donate to causes such as cell phones for veterans. You can also repurpose your phone for use around your house where children can use it as a play device if it can still connect to the Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can use it as a security camera. If you want to get rid of it, take it to best buy, which offers people a chance to recycle phones and electronics.


Companies such as Samsung encourage responsible recycling in the U.S. of obsolete, discarded, or non-working mobile phones. It aims to make recycling as simple as product purchases by encouraging e-scrap collection and recycling through the ongoing event and take-back collection initiatives.

Hence the new Samsung phones are created to maintain sustainability and environmentally friendly measures. The elements of packaging design in the new Samsung Galaxy S20 are designed with a premium look. Most Samsung mobile phone recycling is done in Samsung recycling centers at affordable prices. Where you will feel and see the premium features of the phone, Samsung believes that there were some particular obstacles in designing a luxury packaging template using recycled materials.The move is aimed at reducing waste and helping you discard your phone in an environmentally friendly approach.

Recycling Phone Cases

Another thing, make sure you use recyclable phone cases. This is a great way to help the environment when getting a new phone. Reboxed offer 100% compostable and recyclable phone cases, so they are well worth checking out.

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