Guidelines for Moving to Maadi, Cairo Egypt

Guidelines for Moving to Maadi, Cairo Egypt

When work demands relocation, you move without any questions and doubts. All expats can nod yes for the personal and crazy moving experience in their life. You can be the best planner and still be upset about things falling apart at the last minute. However, there are a few things that you should know and also keep in mind before approving your transfer to Maadi Cairo.

Egypt is one of the countries that offer the home-like experience to expats and life in Maadi is proof of it. An expat can count on each and every minute in this peaceful town of Cairo. The foremost thing about moving to the city is to find out a living place which is quite easy with the rental companies out there.

About Maadi

Maadi is known as the gift by the Canadian retired officer Alexander J. Adams. Since the population of the city contains people from all over the world – it blends the cultures from the globe and makes it a worth living place for expats. The life at this settlement is rapidly changing and you will never miss the city fun during your stay in the town. Some people are spotting these changes as too much while others are in favor of all these development. Moreover, a place is a peaceful haven for many and it can now be a home for party lovers too.

Resource for Information

Community Services Centre (CSC) is the authoritative Institute for expats to seek any guidance or assistance for relocation. You will get all the important information regarding stay, places to visit, where to eat, how to travel and documents that you require and how things are bought and sold by the expats – in short, this is the hub for the emigrants to take authentic information.


Moving around the city is an essential part of your stay. The subway system of the city is considered as one of the amazing transportation systems in the world. On the other hand, you can travel by taxi as they can be found at almost every corner of the street. Minivans and buses are filled with the crowd and it can little inappropriate for the women or even men are reluctant to opt for this option. The transportation that is recommended most is the subway system. They are clean, less crowded and above all safe and secure.

How to Shop for Groceries?

You will find many departmental stores that will offer all the basic essentials of house. Muslims, Jews or any other community can find all the groceries of their choice in western-styled groceries shop but the prices are little higher than the usual stores. Wine and other liquors are allowed but for limited times. Overall, you can buy all the groceries through online apps as well, they will deliver all the things at your doorstep. You can request a vendor to do the same too. In the end, you have to choose what is most suitable.

Health Precautions

Dr. Osman Hospital, Andalusia Maadi Hospital, and Maadi Military Hospital are the top medical centers to contact in case of a health emergency. In order to avoid such emergencies, it is advisable to soak all the vegetables and fruits in vinegar and water and avoid drinking tap water all.  Avoid eating from the street vendor and try to take food only from the cafes and restaurants. Take daily exercise practices and if possible join a gym for the physical fitness.

Customs and Culture

It is a Muslim country but if you are moving to Maadi, you will find many other foreigners. For women, it is appropriate to cover themselves not in a robe but the general outfit would be great. Avoid going topless on the beaches and be respectful to the local customs and cultures of the city. People are really compassionate and welcoming, they are friendly enough to invite you over lunch or dinner any time. So, be kind towards their hospitality but at the same time be safe and learn basic Arabic phrases to communicate better.

Nightlife in the town is not quite exhilarating but you can enjoy late night dinners and hangouts with your friends at the café on the street. Being a Muslim country, it is not easy to get the light-life as western expectations. Still, you have plenty of options for exploration.

The crime rate is almost null over there, so you can travel around freely and be safe. You should still have a local crime department number and all other emergency contact details.

What Expats Need to Know About Housing in Maadi?

Having an information portal or online surfing is not enough. You should get in contact with someone already living there. Ask as many questions and rent the house after completing all the research. Renting an apartment in Maadi, Cairo is not that easy as it is back home, gets the proper information from an authentic and local resource of expats. If you are moving there for work and arrangements are done by the employer, ask them to do another favor by hiring a relocation agency. Relocation agencies are great to help for the emigrants.

You can also find local people through magazines that will offer you a room at rent. While house-hunting, always keep a local friend along who is able to speak and understand Arabic. Many local house rentals may not understand English or any other language at the moment. You can find a furnished house and also brand new houses, however, the prices may vary with the requirement and location of the property.

Prices at the different places can go from 8,000 LE monthly to 60,000 LE monthly. It can go less and more in time. For reassurance and proper paperwork, you need an agency that you can trust with your relocation to the city.

Relocation Agencies in Maadi

There are not several agencies to count on for relocation services. However, the real estate Maadi Egypt ( can always put up the moving game by surprising you with the best options. Most of the agencies are operating from Cairo main location and if you want to do some surfing o your own, you may not find much on the internet. Four winds Egypt, AGS movers Egypt can be your best shot and if you want more accurate findings on the house rental, let the house solution Egypt take your burden away and present you best properties at the best location of the town. Therefore, make your house hunting easy with us and avail the apartments of your choice.

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