An Ultimate Guide to Repair Excel Files

Spreadsheets in Excel are one of the most widely used office programs. The loss of crucial data resulting from document corruption might significantly impact your organization. A damaged Excel file can result in a considerable loss of productivity and essential data.

For avoiding this, it’s critical to act swiftly to repair excel file and retrieve the information they contain. That’s why Excel file repair is a must for you if the file has essential data. People and enterprises use MS Excel to do sophisticated calculations, create charts and illustrative images, and store vast quantities of data.

MS Excel, while its versatility, can sometimes be a source of frustration. When users cannot access Excel data owing to corruption or other Excel issues, this occurs. If not managed effectively, such difficulties might result in a significant loss of data and records.

The most excellent repairing software accessible, such as Wondershare Repairit, is mentioned in this post to repair corrupted excel file. Continue reading this post if you are seeking how to repair corrupted excel file.

The cause of excel file corruption:

What causes Excel files to get corrupted? There are several causes for Excel file corruption. Understanding some of the most prevalent causes will assist us in tracing the problem and determining appropriate ways to restore a damaged Excel file.

The system can damage excel files if they are not saved correctly. It might be because you did not shut down the software correctly or because it shut down due to a power outage, a component failure, or a virus or malware attack.

It’s also possible that your spreadsheet did not save successfully owing to a bug in your Excel or Microsoft Office program. Or your file could not be identified or read properly due to faulty or damaged sectors on your hard disk or storage device.

  • Opening file using several versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Problems with Microsoft Office
  • The worksheet in Excel is abruptly closed.
  • Sometimes, the Excel program becomes stuck, freezes, or crashes when launched.
  • While working in Excel, the system unexpectedly shut down.
  • Infection of the operating system and hard drive with a virus or malware
  • On a hard disc, you discovered terrible sectors.
  • An unexpected power outage

Common ways to repair excel files:

A damaged Excel file may cost you a lot of time and cause significant data loss. After watching their hard work go awry, no one can remain calm. Regardless, do your best to take a deep breath to reduce the damage that corruption has caused you. To repair corrupted excel file on your PC, follow the steps below one by one.

Use the Microsoft Open and Repair Tool:

  • Click Open on the File tab.
  • Click Browse after selecting the place where the spreadsheet is stored.
  • Select the corrupted worksheet you wish to open in the Open dialogue box.
  • Then, next to the Open button, click the arrow, and then click Open and Repair.
  • Click Repair to retrieve as much data from the worksheet as possible.
  • Select Extract Data to extract values and formulae from the workbook when fixing the worksheet failure.

To open a corrupted excel file, change the file extension:

The file extension of your supposedly broken Excel file is most likely incompatible with the Excel edition/version installed on your machine. When the problem arises due to incompatibility, the file will not display content.

The most prevalent file extensions are.xls and.xlsx; previous versions of Excel 20017 save files with the.xls extension by default, whereas subsequent versions after 2020 use the.xlsx format. To see whether the problem remains, try changing the corrupted file format.

Repair a Corrupted Excel File from an Older Version:

When the file became corrupted, how many copies did you save? In prior Windows versions, the workbook may have a standard copy. Attempt to locate an earlier version that has the majority of the same material while not identical to the damaged one.

How to repair excel files with Repairit?

If you have a severe issue with your Excel files, Wondershare Repairit file repair Software can help. It’s a straightforward program that can recover several Excel files in a matter of seconds. Follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: Load corrupted Excel files:

Open Wondershare Repairit and select the File Fix option from the sidebar to fix damaged and corrupt Excel files. Using the ” Add ” button, any faulty Excel file may be quickly identified and imported into the software using the “Add” button.

Step 2: Repair Excel documents that have been loaded:

Once damaged Excel files have been loaded, you can review the data on the side (for example, size and location) and begin the restoration process by pressing the “Repair” button. Allow the program to fix any broken or damaged Excel files while you sit back and relax. You may use the tool to monitor the Excel repair’s progress.

Step 3: View Results and Download Files:

Wondershare Repairit will notify you when the mending process is completed. The “Glimpse” option allows you to see a preview of the data restoration findings.

If you’re happy with your results, click the “Save” button next to the file’s information. It will allow you to save your corrected Excel files to any secure location on your PC.

Why Use Wondershare Repairit?

Wondershare Repairit is suggested for use since it offers capabilities such as repair corrupted excel file, videos, photos, and files at once, video repair, photos, and files in many formats simultaneously, no file size restriction, and so on. To fix the corrupted excel file, you must follow three simple actions mentioned above.

Features of Repairit:

Repairit is a wonderful video repair tool that can repair video of certain types. Repairit lets users get more out of their digital life by repairing damaged or corrupted files that they can’t access using cutting-edge data restoration and recovery techniques.


You can download repairit video repair from the official website and also can use this online features as well. Below are some prominent features of Wondershare Repairit:

It can repair any file format:

As previously said, Repairit supports more than ten different image formats, including all of the common ones like jpeg, png, and jpg. All sorts of photographs may be readily repaired, and there’s no need to search for various software to repair different image formats.

It can use any equipment to repair:

After you’ve loaded the program, you may connect flash drives, pen drives, cell phones, and digital cameras to your computer and use Repairit to fix corrupted photographs and movies.

It may fix any photo:

Repairit can restore photographs with grey regions, pixilated or hard to open. In only a few minutes, the three-step technique will repair any damage.

Repairing in Bulk:

The Repair in the batch tool allows you to fix several photos in different formats at once. It saves time and fixes photographs in mass swiftly.

Repair videos that have been corrupted:

Repairit allows you to fix any video, regardless of how it became corrupted. You can effectively restore videos that have been damaged during the transmission, recording, editing, or any other method.

Limitations of Wondershare Repairit:

Wondershare Repairit does, however, have certain limitations, which are listed below:

  • It’s challenging to identify specific files for Repair since multiple files are fixed simultaneously.
  • On weekends, customer service may be unavailable.

Final Words

The procedures for repairing Excel spreadsheets discussed above may not guarantee complete data recovery. If you want to recover all of your data, Wondershare Repairit Excel file repair software is the way to go. It will look for corruption in the file and delete them from the sheets. It will retrieve tables, equations, and other objects. You can save the Excel sheet to any location when repaired.

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