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Labels play a vital role in the end-user experience of a product. This is more so when custom labelling is considered. The right label adheres to the requirements and demands perfectly, lasts longer, and appears exactly as required. The wrong label wears out, appears horrible, falls off, and costs money, time, as well as brand reputation. Henceforth, utmost attention must be given to choosing the right label.

Labels are not simple stickers

Choosing the label for products is usually a last-minute task. Often it is the ignored part of the whole business process. In reality, product labeling must be given attention, and shouldn’t be left unattended till the last minute. This is more important for businesses that want to create a reputation in the market and the heart of the consumers. The problem with the entire procedure is that considering wrong labeling can completely damage the entire product and make it appear less valuable and also less useful.  When custom labels are in question, extra effort goes a long way. One mustn’t consider labels as just pieces of paper and stickers. Labels play a vital role in the growth and revenue of a business.

Asking questions is a good sign

When one speaks with a label printing service provided, they will be encountered with several questions. When a label company asks multiple questions, it signifies that one is in good hands. A label company asking questions will indicate the following:

  • The label company cares about the business venture and wants to assist with the best custom labeling at a reasonable rate.
  • The label company understands the importance of several factors that goes into consideration while choosing a provider, starting from regulatory needs to branding.
  • The label company offers a plethora of options concerning the labeling process, equipment required, and the skill required for the perfect application of labeling.

When a label company questions, it eventually saves time and thereby eliminates causing disasters in the future.

Label disasters

It sounds scary, and the outcome of labeling disasters can be horrific. Some of the common disasters and their consequences are mentioned below:

  • The labels fall off or peel away because they weren’t designed for the specific environment. This makes the product appear cheap in the eyes of the consumers.
  • The labels get damaged since it hasn’t been designed for rough handling, extreme hot and cold temperatures, moisture, harsh chemical exposure, and so on. Such label disasters can make important product information unreadable.
  • When a label fails to cater to the labeling requirements as per FDA, the company is exposed to legal and financial risk. This can significantly impact the reputation and brand recognition of the company.
  • Wrinkling or lifting of the labels occurs because they were not designed in sync with the shape of the product container. This again gives the products an untidy appearance.
  • The color of the custom labeling is not in sync when the color match feature is not equipped with the printer. This often causes loyal consumers to overlook the products.

What are and aren’t custom labels?

When custom labels are discussed, it is not about describing the one-size-fits solution. They are not just stickers to be applied on any surface the end-user opts for. Custom labels are tailor-made for particular products and brands. One of the highlighting features of custom labels is that they are not expensive. When the custom label company works in collaboration with the business, it caters to the requirements of the products along with the budget.

Custom labels can be made into any form it is desired, according to Quora. The label company takes into account the needs and input, thereby aiding the brand to stand out from the rest. Everything about a label can be tailor-made keeping the focus on the following goals:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Adhesives

Common custom label terminologies

One doesn’t need to know everything about custom labels to have an interaction with a custom label company. The company staff will explain everything required to know, but it is never a bad idea to get to know a few of the common terms.


The top coating safeguards the label from wearing off and also offers an array of choices of finishes. One can select between a liquid coating (varnish) or a transparent film or a laminate coating.


A dye dissolved in a solvent can create special effects on the custom labelling. The best example of utilizing ink is in metallic labels.

Face stock

It is the surface in a label stock construction where the image has to be printed. A wide array of fabric, film, paper, and foil materials can be used for label face stock.


The use of high-quality adhesive is vital for custom labeling. It is the sticky substance applied on the rear side of the face stock, that creates the bond between the product and the label used.


Made from paper or film, a liner is a material that conducts a label via the manufacturing procedure, storage, and application.

Seeking a label designer

Before ordering custom labels, it is recommended to take some time and think about the accomplishments a business wants via the label. A label company can provide expert advice, but the ultimate appearance and design depend on the company. Seeking the aid of a label designer is a wise decision. Some factors to consider are given below:

  • The audience the label wants to connect with
  • The tone and the language resonate with the audience
  • The anticipations of customers from a company
  • The role of the label plays throughout the lifecycle of the product in stores, customers’ homes, and the recycling process.


The concept of custom labelling is an important aspect of building brand recognition and reputation. But, the importance of labels is often not given the value they deserve. If there is wrong labeling, the entire product image and the company reputation go for a toss. Due to labeling disasters, businesses have to suffer huge losses along with reputation damage.

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