Grant Mitterlehner – A College Dropout, and CEO of MittGroup and Mitt Blockchain

MittGroup and Mitt Blockchain are two companies that were founded by a 24-year-old young man, Grant Mitterlehner. But, there’s much more story than just this.

Grant Mitterlehner is a native of Houston, Texas, who was enrolled in a college in Brooklyn. Mitterlehner belonged to a middle-class family, and living alone in Brooklyn was a struggle for him. At one point, he could no longer afford to continue to live in Brooklyn or continue his college, which is why he had no choice but to drop out.

Dropping out of college meant heading back to his hometown, Houston, Texas, where he had to live with his mother. He knew he had to make a living by earning money, because of which he landed a job as an Uber driver. However, due to his vast skills and work ethic, he successfully landed a commission-based job in a company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Eventually, he was able to get promoted from Regional Sales Manager to Managing Director in just a year.

Mitterlehner was not ready to settle for this job. He wished to start his very own venture and to benefit society by introducing more efficient ways of renewable energy resources. This was when he founded his own solar company, MittGroup, in 2020 when he was only 24 years old. Later that year, he founded his second company, Mitt Blockchain, which is a crypto mining company.

However, the pathway to success was not a smooth road, or so it seems.

In his free time, Mitterlehner was seen reading self-help books related to finance, business, and personal development off the shelf of a local cafe. Plus, he avoided inessential spending and continued living with his mother and sleeping on her couch to save money. He also opened a brokerage account and began investing. After quite some time, he saved up to $148,000 in his bank account and used all this money for MittGroup.

Even after his first venture, Mitterlehner had to overcome obstacles thrown at him almost every day.

“While there have been great successes along the way, I don’t think there has been a week, or much less a day where I haven’t had to overcome some obstacle”, says Mitterlehner in an interview.

The future seemed quite uncertain for Mitterlehner, but he still believed in himself and knew all his hard work and dedication would one day be rewarded. So, he decided to embrace the uncertainty.

“I realized if I couldn’t handle this, I could never continue to make it to the next level in life. Once I did this, I saw a massive difference in the results”, he said.

MittGroup has revolutionized the solar industry and is currently at the top in this space. In only 2021, MittGroup witnessed revenue growth of 107% and was also awarded the Best place to work for employees by the Houston Business Journal. Currently, MittGroup is headed in the right direction to become a $10 million-plus venture.

Want to know more about Grant Mitterlehner and his inspiring journey? Take a look at his Instagram here: @GrantMitt

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