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When you’ve found what you think might be your dream property, wouldn’t it be great if all your questions about it could be answered before you even ask them? We certainly thought so. That’s why we created the Residz free property report.

Residz is a new concept in real estate. Despite the expansion of digital technology into every area of our lives, it didn’t seem to be making any significant inroads into the buying and selling of property. Access to property reports was slow, incomplete and often obstructed by bureaucracy. Surely in the information age, we could do better.

The SuperIndex

That’s why Residz created its innovative ‘SuperIndex’ of data that is of both direct and indirect relevance to households all over Australia and in many other countries too. By mapping every one of more than 12 million properties in Australia, we have developed a database that can answer virtually any query, whether it’s about school performance, investment potential, local crime rates, public health issues or pretty much anything a property seeker might want to know.

We’ve made access simple. Just click on the free property report section of our website and you’ll see how easy it is to get results. All you have to do is enter a property address: we ask for you to provide it in full but even if you don’t have the postcode, it will work fine. Key it in, press enter, and the screen will confirm the address then in just a few moments it will return a report with at least ten pages of information.

What Does Our Free Property Report Tell You?

The kind of detail in these property reports includes average local prices, internet speeds, distance to the coast, flood, bushfire and subsidence risks. You’ll get a map showing the location of schools followed by a listing that gives details on each one, such as age range, staff and pupil numbers, governing body and HSC performance where applicable.

There’s an index that tells you about investment potential, the relationship between house price and income, population distribution and an analysis of future demand. You’ll also find notifications of all nearby development applications, even those that have no direct impact on the property you’re interested in. This can range from demolitions and new builds, through extensions and additions right down to plans to construct awnings and pergolas.

The free property report concludes with a section on crime statistics, covering both crimes to property and to the person. This isn’t supposed to scare you, it just gives you a comprehensive picture of your potential new environment.

Someday, all real estate transactions will feature the kind of free report that Residz can already supply. We’re so proud of what it can do that – as you’ll see when you try it – we’ve made it available on a no-obligation basis. Anyone anywhere can use it. And one of the beauties of it is the fact that it probably tells you things you wouldn’t even have thought to ask.

Choose your next home the modern way, using the free, instant knowledge and expertise of Residz.

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