Get the Support you Need with a Lower Back Cushion

Lower back pain is such a common complaint that it’s estimated that more than 80% of all American adults will experience some lower back pain in their lifetime.  Studies indicate as many as 31 million Americans are struggling with some discomfort in their lower back at any given point in time.

Whether you have chronic low back pain, experience it from time to time, or have never been bothered by it before, you might be interested in knowing how a lower back cushion can support your overall back health and comfort.

Why do I need a cushion to support my lower back?

Many things can cause back pain.  Accidents, injuries, arthritis, hernias, osteoporosis, and strained muscles just to name a few.  Problems with your feet, knees, or hips can cause back pain.  Regardless of the source of back pain, the good news is that there are many support products for lower back pain, some of them inexpensive and straightforward.

The most logical starting point is with a high-quality seat and back cushion to support your lower back while you’re sitting.  If you sit a lot, a proper back cushion is simply a must.

What kinds of cushions can I choose from?

There is a nice variety of commercial cushions on the market designed to support lower back health.  There are inflatable lower back cushions that are adjustable to control the level of support you receive.  There are also gel cushions, memory foam cushions, and cushions that are made of memory foam infused with gel beads.

The materials differ from brand to brand, and the cushions’ size and shape are widely varied as well.  Some are curved, with the traditional ergonomic shape, some are rolls, and others are round or rectangular.    

Make sure you consider quality first. You want your cushion to be well-designed and durable.  Then think about the features that are most important to you.  Look at the types of fabrics and materials used.  Do you need hypoallergenic?  A removable cover that you can launder?  Is there a warranty or replacement policy?

The price range for lower back cushions is as widely varied as the cushions themselves.  Simple versions start at about $20, and fancier ones cost as much as $75. 

Back support benefits

The best lower back support cushions can be used at home, at work, and during travel.  Finding the right cushion for you and using it consistently can provide many benefits.  They can help you relax your muscles, reducing the tension you might be carrying in your low back by supporting some of your weight, taking away some of the strain on your muscles.

Back cushions, particularly those made with memory foam, gently support your spine.  Memory foam reacts to your body heat, molding to your shape for the right amount of pressure.  Low back cushions can also relieve back pain, sometimes instantly, and can significantly improve your posture.

Another benefit of a back cushion is the ease and comfort it can provide while traveling.  Long road trips in the car and long flights can cause great discomfort in your shoulders, neck, legs, back and hips. 

Cars, planes, and trains don’t always have seats designed with ergonomics in mind, so if you bring your own lumbar support pillow, your hips will be in better alignment, your posture will be improved, and some of the pressure on your back can be alleviated.

You’re worth it

Your back health and comfort contribute to your overall wellness and quality of life.  So don’t suffer from back pain in silence or default to pain medication or invasive surgeries.  Start with something as simple but as powerful as a lower back support cushion. You’re worth it.

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