General Features and Benefits of Wire Descaling Blast Machine

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Using descaling machine equipment, is considered a non-polluting way of descaling wire. Chemical or acidic wire descaling is effective but harmful to the environment (more info). The most common machine used for wire descaling is the shot blasting machine. The machine has its wheels positioned expertly to treat wires in coils. 

General Features

Blasting Chamber

The cleaning process is usually carried out inside a closed chamber. The inside of the chamber is protected from wear and tear with a wear-resistant protective plate well lined on the inside. The chamber has a maintenance door for easy cleaning and servicing the inner parts.

Blast Wheels and Abrasive Stream Guide Plates

The blasting machine is fitted with blast wheels and abrasive stream guide plates for descaling wire. The plates are adjusted to fit the diameter of the wire being descaled. Doing this ensures that even small diameter wires can be effectively cleaned.

The blast wheel is the most important part of the blasting machine. It determines how long the work will take, the power to be used and how much the process will cost. 

The wheels have metal pellets that blast the coils removing any corrosion or rust on the wires. They smoothen and clean the wire. They are made of cast alloy liners that are wear-resistant and increase their working life. 

Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator has upper and lower rollers, a conveyor belt, hopper, spiral conveyor, and closed barrel. The hopper attached to the conveyor belt collects the pellets at the bottom and sends them to the top during blasting. 

Spiral Conveyor

The conveying system feeds the bucket elevator with pellets collected from the bottom. It needs to circulate the pellets effectively. 

Lifting Cam and the Polyurethane Mandrel System

The lifting cam system raises and detaches coil strands, ensuring all of the wire is exposed to the blasting process. During the blasting process, some abrasion may damage the wire. The Mandrel system is in place to prevent this by protecting the wire during the blasting process. 

Dust Removal System

The dust removal system is tasked with removing dust and waste materials collected from the blasting process. The system has an over 99% removal efficiency. The dust removal system is important to the descaling machine equipment to ensure it remains clean and unclogged. 

Benefits of Wire Descaling Blasting Machine

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Using descaling machine equipment rather than chemicals or acidic agents is better for the environment. 

  1. Saving Money

A shot blasting machine is faster than most methods of wire descaling. The shot blaster cleans and quickly removes the corrosion and rust r it to the next step. The descaling machine equipment also uses very little to no harmful chemicals to be properly disposed of. 

  1. Removes Rust and Corrosion

The shot blaster is effective at removing corrosions and rust. It returns the wire to its original state. This makes it possible to apply a coating or paint on the metal. 


Shot blasting is now a necessity in most industries that deal with metal. It is handy at cleaning the metal and getting it ready for other processes. It is fast and cost-effective, so preferred for use by many metal industries. The shot blaster is a wire descaling machine equipment that makes a difference. 

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