Garth Brooks Legacy in Country Music

garth brooks

Garth Brooks is often called “The King of Country Music”, according to GoodMorningAmerica, and he is one of the first country musicians to record significant success in the music industry. His achievements as a country musician did not come easily however, and he had to overcome numerous disappointments in the early days. Despite this, Garth Brooks remained resilient and focused on his dream to become a country musician signed under a successful music label.

After so many rejections from popular music labels in the early 1980’s, Garth Brooks singing talent eventually got him the attention he deserved, according to During a performance at a local club in 1988, an executive at Capitol Records was impressed by Garth’s performance and got him a music contract – ironically at a label where Garth had been previously rejected.

How Garth Brooks Started Singing Country Music

It all began when he was a little boy. Garth Brooks mother was also a country singer, but she didn’t have a lot of widespread success. Garth would sing and entertain his family with country songs. He eventually went to college and earned a degree in Advertising, whilst pursuing his musical ambitions.

After graduating from university in 1984, Garth Brooks started earnestly searching for a music company to sign him as an artist. However, the big break came many years later in 1988 with the deal offered by Capitol Records.

Prior to signing a deal with Capitol Records, Garth Brooks sang at local clubs in Nashville. Before 1988 ended, Garth Brooks had recorded his first album, which contained the hit track titled “Much Too Young” (check out the YouTube video of this song). A couple of hit singles were recorded, and in 1990, the album “No Fences” was released. The album sold over ten million copies and cemented his status as a household name.

The Growing Audience For Country Music

Encouraged by Garth Brooks achievements and success in the country music industry, many other up and coming artists wrote more songs and made studio recordings to try and emulate his success. The increasing interest in country music led to many great songs that were released in the 1990’s. If you have heard this music from this era, it has a truly distinctive sound.

The audience loved country music in the 90’s, and Garth Brook’s tracks topped the music charts for many months. The records were also selling. At that time, new country music stars such as Shenandoah, Wade Hayes, Trisha Yearwood, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and many others were emerging and beginning to get more attention. The country musicians took the stage, performing at different clubs, and recording hit singles and albums that were gracing the homes of the nation at large.

Country Music Now…

Till this day, there is a massive audience for country music. This is because country musicians such as Garth Brooks and many others have been creative in writing captivating music which has lasting longevity.

Now, we have a variety of creative fusion that has improved the sound of country music, which has gained a generation of new listeners. Listening to an album, you can hear a combination of music such as folk music, honky-tonk, country rock, and many other genres that blend with the old country music.

Also, a variety of musical instruments have helped to improve the sound of country music to attract a broader audience. Now, you can hear the sweet sounds from musical instruments such as from different types of guitars, Dobro, fiddle, drums, and mandolins, among many other instruments.

While many people still love the old Nashville country music sound, the progressive features of country music have influenced music producers to accommodate innovative changes that so many people love. You can keep up with the latest in country music by visiting

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