Food Processing Facilities & Bird Control Measures

bird control measures

Over the years, the amount of laws and regulations governing the food and drink industry has multiplied many times over. Suddenly, the whole industry is now paying attention to the dangers of contamination whether it comes from a physical source or is microbial or chemical. Our Pest Control Calgary technicians are ready to assist!

For many, it is pests that cause the problems such as rodents, cockroaches, flies, and ants. Considering they carry pathogens and many diseases, this is particularly dangerous around food supplies. Sadly, there is one pest still forgotten or maybe underestimated and this is the bird. Despite carrying parasites, bacteria, and pathogens, they are often left without concern.

Today, we are going to provide more information on this problem as well as tips that can help your facility. To start, we should point out that pigeons, sparrows, and starlings are three of the most potent species and it just so happens that they are also common across Canada. Since food and drink factories offer…well, food and drink, these three birds like to congregate around these facilities. Alone, their presence may not be dangerous but unfortunately, they drop feathers, parasites, and droppings which can then come in contact with workers and contaminate food – over time, this can cause respiratory issues.

Top Tips – As one of the top pest removal services in Canada, Our Exterminator Calgary technicians love to see buildings and facilities free from the problems that come with birds. Therefore, we have provided a list of top tips below!

Exterior – If we start with the exterior and work our way inside, we can note that the cutting back of trees is important. If trees are touching the building in any way, the birds see it as an extension of their home and start to get comfortable. Furthermore, you should ensure that pallets and other storage materials are kept away from the building along with trash cans and dumpsters. Of course, these should also be cleaned regularly.

After this, we also recommend regular inspections with experts to assess areas of standing water and typical areas where birds will thrive. If you can remove the food sources and possible homes for birds, you will severely reduce the chance of them sticking around.

Access Points – Next up, you need to ensure that birds have no way of getting inside. Although it sounds obvious, doors are often their main entry point and employees sometimes leave them open to save time. However, you will need to keep these – as well as windows – closed as much as possible. If they need to remain open for extended periods of time, be sure to utilize gauze plastic strip curtains or something that will deny entrance to all pests.

Evacuation – Unfortunately, some birds can still get inside despite the best planning so you need to know how to deal with an infestation while keeping the birds from harm. Since birds are naturally drawn to light, the easiest and quickest solution is to turn out the lights and open the door. Additionally, you could try traps, mist netting, and calls. If you have never done this before though, we highly recommend contacting professionals who can do the job efficiently without making the problem worse or damaging the birds.

With professionals such as Spartan Pest Control, you will have a service that not only removes birds but also cuts off their access to food, shelter, and water. In law, there are also some protected species and this is important to keep in mind. With these examples, a permit is often required to remove them from a building so pick up the phone and call if you have any questions or are unsure.

Employees – As we often say, prevention will always be better than the cure so training your employees and improving their working practices is an important step to preventing bird infestations. For example, they should know the importance of keeping the door closed, keeping everything clean, storing the trash cans far from the building even if it is inconvenient, and more. If necessary, why not post some signs and gentle reminders for all employees – this will also help new employees get up to speed much quicker.

Within the food and beverage industry, birds can be a huge problem for disease and contamination while also damaging the structure of your building and causing illness to employees. Rather than having to shut everything down and lose money, contact Spartan Pest Control as soon as you see the first symptoms and we will prevent your business from being disrupted. Even if you just want advice or have questions, feel free to contact one of our experts today!

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