Five Holiday Movies To Watch on Disney Plus

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It’s December, and Christmas is almost here. It’s been a difficult year for most of us, and we’re all hoping that Christmas will provide all of us with a happier ending before better times hopefully arrive in 2021. We appreciate that it might be more difficult than usual to get into the festive spirit this year, though, and so we’d like to give you a helping hand. We can think of no better way of getting into the Christmas spirit than watching some of the greatest Christmas movies of all time – and where could be better to do that than on Disney Plus?  

While Disney Plus doesn’t have a monopoly on great Christmas movies, it certainly has a few of the better ones – and by that, we mean it contains Christmas films you might remember from your youth, Christmas films that were already favorites when your parents were young, and options for those of you who have young children to entertain! Another website to try is (ดูหนังออนไลน์)

It’ll probably be mid-December already by the time you reach this, so we figure you only need four or five great Christmas films to get you through the evenings and weekends ahead until the big day arrives. With that in mind, and without further ado, here are five fantastic Christmas films you can stream on Disney Plus right now!

Miracle On 34th Street

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You might struggle to persuade young children to settle down and watch this because it’s in black and white but make the effort. The movie can’t help the fact that it was made in 1947, and being black and white doesn’t change the fact that it’s not only one of the best Christmas movies on this platform, but one of the best Christmas movies of all time! You could opt for the 1994 remake if you really can’t hack the lack of color, but there’s something beautiful and pure about the original. Ostensibly it’s just a story about an old man working as Santa in a department store to earn a little extra cash for the holidays, but there’s so much more to it than that. Even the most world-weary and cynical of us find ourselves believing in Santa Claus by the end of the 90-minute running time, and we’re not ashamed of that!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

We have some sympathy for those of you who find “The Nightmare Before Christmas” too scary to watch, but we promise that it’s probably not as frightening as you remember it being when you were a child. Jack Skellington might be a little bony for Santa Claus, but his heart’s in the right place – or at least it would be if he had one. Jack’s very much a man out of place when he takes a detour from Halloween Town to Christmas Town to set up the premise of this vaguely-dark fantasy movie, but he soon gets into the swing of things when he eventually arrives. As he grows to love Christmas, you’ll find yourself falling back in love with it too. 

Home Alone

“Home Alone” is, for all of its fun and frolics, a surprisingly violent Christmas movie. Macauley Culkin’s iconic performance as Kevin McCallister made him a star and made all of us laugh the first time we saw the movie, but you forget how deadly the traps he sets for burglars Harry and Marv were until you see them again through the eyes of an adult. A few people have spoken to scientists and doctors about how many times the hapless burglars would have died if the events of “Home Alone” were for real, and the answer is, unsurprisingly, lots. It might be worth having a quiet chat with your children about the difference between films and reality before you put this one on, but it’s still as funny as you remember it being – and of course, it has a big, positive Christmas message right at its core. Plus, if you ask us, anyone who attempts to rob a house at Christmas deserves everything they get as a result. 

The Muppet Christmas Carol

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There are many different takes on the theme of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens you might want to watch at Christmas, and more than one of them is available on Disney Plus. If you ask us, though, the most enjoyable one as a family watch is the one that features more puppets than it does human beings, and that’s “The Muppet Christmas Carol.” We may never know how Michael Caine managed to keep a straight face while surrounded by so many over-the-top muppets, but we’re glad he did because he somehow manages to bring an air of dignity to the proceedings. All of us know this story and what it involves, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t help us all to have a very Merry Christmas – each and every one!

Frozen & Frozen 2

Strictly speaking, “Frozen” isn’t a Christmas movie, and neither is its sequel. That’s OK with us. Strictly speaking, “Die Hard” isn’t a Christmas movie either, and yet we all know it is. The universal appeal of “Frozen” is so absolute that despite being a children’s movie, it’s used to sell online slots. That doesn’t happen with Disney’s approval because they’d never grant a license for such a thing, but even the most cursory glance at an online slots website will show you games like “Frozen Gems,” “Frozen Fairies,” and “Frozen Queen,” all of which owe a thing or two to this Disney mega-hit. If a children’s movie holds such sway that it can persuade full-grown adults to try their hand at UK slots, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that our children love it so much. We know you’ve already heard “Let It Go” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” more times than you can cope with already, but it’s Christmas. If your children aren’t allowed to play and sing the songs then, when can they? Plus, you never know – you might actually enjoy it yourself!

Nobody does Christmas like Disney, and so nobody does Christmas movies like Disney either. If you’re feeling low on Christmas cheer this December, just sit back, open Disney Plus, and let the experts go to work for you. You’ll soon be feeling better! 

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