FIFA 23: A Guide to the Road to the Final Cards

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Football fans worldwide eagerly await the release of FIFA 23, set to launch with the popular Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode. The game will feature Road to the Final (RTTF) cards, which will tie into Europe’s biggest football leagues. The RTTF cards are dynamic FUT items that give players an initial boost at the start, and five additional dynamic upgrades as their team progresses in the respective competition.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at FIFA 23’s RTTF cards, including the players involved, the upgrade system, and the knockout phases in the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League.

The RTTF Card Upgrade System

The RTTF cards’ upgrade system works similarly to that of previous editions of FIFA. The RTTF players will receive an initial upgrade at the start of the competition, and they will earn up to five additional upgrades based on their team’s progression in the competition.

Here is how the upgrade system works:

  • Win the first knockout game after the campaign launch (Champions League) or qualify for Round of 16 (Europa League/Conference League) – +1 in-form upgrade
  • Qualify for the Quarter-Finals – +1 in-form upgrade
  • Qualify for the Semi-Finals – +1 in-form upgrade and three new traits (the traits will depend on the player’s position and existing traits)
  • Qualify for the Final – 5-star weak foot upgrade
  • Win the Final – +1 in-form upgrade, and 5-star skill moves upgrade

RTTF Player Items

The RTTF player items tie into the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League knockout phases. Let’s take a look at the players involved in each competition:

Champions League

The following players are in the Champions League knockout stages and have received an RTTF card:

  • Leon Goretzka, Bayern Munich, Live rating: 92, Wins: 1
  • Roberto Firmino, Liverpool, Live rating: 91, Wins: 0
  • David Alaba, Real Madrid, Live rating: 90, Wins: 1
  • Nicolo Barella, Inter Milan, Live rating: 90, Wins: 1
  • Wesley Fofana, Chelsea, Live rating: 89, Wins: 1
  • Kalvin Phillips, Manchester City, Live rating: 88, Wins: 0
  • Lucas Moura, Tottenham, Live rating: 88, Wins: 0 OUT
  • Donyell Malen, Borussia Dortmund, Live rating: 87, Wins: 0 OUT
  • Giacomo Raspadori, Napoli, Live rating: 88, Wins: 1
  • Emil Forsberg, RB Leipzig, Live rating: 86, Wins: 0
  • Nuno Mendes, Paris Saint-Germain, Live rating: 86, Wins: 0 OUT
  • Tuta, Frankfurt, Live rating: 86, Wins: 0

Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino already has five-star skill moves to rate, so if Liverpool wins the Champions League, he will receive a plus-one in-form upgrade. However, Liverpool’s 5-2 defeat to Real Madrid in the first leg makes that unlikely. The same applies to players who already have a five-star weak foot rating.

Borussia Dortmund beat Chelsea 1-0 in their Champions League first leg, but Donyell Malen’s RTTF card wasn’t issued yet, meaning the Germans will have to replicate the feat in the reverse meeting for him to receive that particular upgrade.

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EU League

In the Europa League, some players will receive a guaranteed upgrade due to their clubs already reaching the Round of 16. Gabriel Martinelli, Brais Mendez, and Juan Miranda are among those who will receive this boost. However, they must wait until the conclusion of the Europa League playoff ties before receiving their upgrades.

Here is a list of the current Live ratings, wins, and upgrade status of some notable players in the Europa League:

  • Gabriel Martinelli, Arsenal, Live rating: 91, Wins: 0, Guaranteed first plus one upgrade
  • Anthony Martial, Manchester United, Live rating: 90, Wins: 2
  • Ferran Torres, Barcelona, Live rating: 88, Wins: 0, OUT
  • Federico Chiesa, Juventus, Live rating: 89, Wins: 2
  • Mousa Diaby (SBC), Bayer Leverkusen, Live rating: 89, Wins: 2
  • Kevin Volland, Monaco, Live rating: 87, Wins: 0, OUT
  • Brais Mendez (Objective), Real Sociedad, Live rating: 86, Wins: 0, Guaranteed first plus one upgrade
  • Erik Lamela, Sevilla, Live rating: 88, Wins: 1
  • Juan Miranda, Real Betis, Live rating: 86, Wins: 0, Guaranteed first plus one upgrade
  • Andras Schafer (Silver Stars), Union Berlin, Live rating: 71, Wins: 1

In the Europa Conference League, Youcef Atal of Nice has a Live rating of 87 and one win, while Felipe Anderson of Lazio has a Live rating of 87 and no wins


In conclusion, the Road to the Final Cards provides FIFA Ultimate Team players with an exciting opportunity to own dynamic player cards that can upgrade throughout the course of the tournament. The performance of each player’s team will determine the potential for upgrades, with those progressing further in the competition having a greater chance of receiving boosts. The UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League all offer opportunities for players to earn Road to the Final Cards, making it an inclusive feature for teams competing at various levels. With the potential for these cards to increase in value and ratings, they have become highly sought after by players and collectors alike.

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