Ferrari Energy Discusses Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Develop Mental and Emotional Fortitude in Their Team

Starting a company can be a stressful and uncertain time for any entrepreneur and the employees helping to grow the business. Both mental and emotional fortitude is needed for those who want to succeed in this line of work, let alone survive. Entrepreneurs should find team members who know the risks that come with working for a startup organization. 

Ferrari Energy grew steadily during its startup years under the leadership of its founder, Adam Ferrari. Ferrari received his education studying chemical and biomolecular engineering and launched Ferrari Energy after spending ten years in the energy industry. Below, the founder of Ferrari Energy reflects on five ways entrepreneurs can develop an environment that stimulates and embraces mental and emotional health. 

1. Clarify Expectations Upfront

When finding the right people to help a business, an entrepreneur who wants to start strong from the beginning must set realistic expectations for performance during interviews. There is no need to sugarcoat the truth of building a company, including hurdle after hurdle, unknown outcomes, and the need for flexibility, innovation, good work ethic, and grit in the workplace. Finding the right people for the job from the beginning will only generate a stronger team in the long run. 

2. Think Community 

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to lead by example and set the right tone when creating the ideal environment that instills mental and emotional strength in team members. A great vibe to set is a feeling of community. Strive to create inclusive meetings, office brainstorms, or team-building activities. Nurturing an environment where everyone feels a part of the company community will spark the growth of a strong, solid support system for the ups and downs that characterize a startup organization. 

3. Support a Work/Life Balance Lifestyle

No matter the career, developing the right attitude and mindset to excel in a profession often starts with finding balance. Yes, a startup business requires many hours of dedication, but workers who cannot handle the additional stress of a business’ beginnings will burn out. And an employee who is not working proactively and attending to mental and physical well-being can fall short of the mental and emotional strength needed to do their job well. 

4. Create an Open Dialogue About Mental Health 

Because of the strains starting a business can put on someone’s life, mental health should be an open dialogue practiced in the workplace. Entrepreneurs can address the fact that everyone has mental struggles so team members can relate to one another and be there for one another through thick and thin.  

5. Designate a Stress-Free Area

When starting up a company, an entrepreneur might rent out a space for a work office, meet remotely, or gather in someone’s basement. Regardless of where business is done, entrepreneurs can promote mental health and stress management by offering or designating a stress-free area that employees can take advantage of whenever needed. A quiet room with comfortable places to sit is an excellent idea for helping show employees how to clear a stressed mind to find more clarity and avoid mental breaks.  

About Ferrari Energy 

Ferrari Energy took its name from its founder, Adam Ferrari. Adam is a native of Chicago and was formally educated in chemical and biomolecular engineering. He completed his degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and finished at the top of his class, graduating magna cum laude. As a young professional, Adam worked in the operations and business sides of the energy industry. After gaining ten years of direct industry experience, he took his passion for the energy industry and launched Ferrari Energy.



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