Features Of The HIPAA Compliant Voip

Due to the increasing number of appointments and calls that healthcare organizations receive; they are under increasing pressure to ensure that their communication methods are secure and effective. It is why they are looking for a solution that can handle high call volumes and is HIPAA compliant. Most healthcare facilities also require a virtual phone number or VoIP. 

We are a HIPAA-compliant VoIP provider and are working to become certified as soon as possible. Because of this, our customers can get assured that their information is secure. We also provide our customers with the necessary tools and resources to help them establish and manage a HIPAA-compliant virtual phone number. 

Despite the various needs of healthcare organizations, they still need a simple and effective way to communicate with their patients. With HIPAA Compliant VoIP, our clients can get various features that will help them meet their communication needs. 

Follow Me Calling Feature. 

One of the most popular features of our HIPAA Compliant VoIP is Follow Me Calling, which allows users to set up a sequence of devices to ring whenever they want. It is a phone number redirect that was first introduced in the platform. It has a fresh look and can streamline call-forwarding functionality. 

Users can add multiple devices and numbers to their extension through the Device Manager extension, allowing them to perform their work at various alternate locations. With Call Blasting, an inbound call to an employee’s office number will be directed to wherever she is working, even if she is at home or a lunch meeting. It does not require her to provide her private information to the callers. 

With our HIPAA Compliant VoIP flexibility, users can customize the various variables of Follow Me Calling. For instance, the sequence of numbers forwarded to the next line and even the ringing duration can be adjusted and tailored to fit their needs. Additionally, the platform’s clean interface allows users to start a blast call by ringing all devices simultaneously. 

Once you have hit quitting time, you can disable forwarding on your account so that only business calls will get forwarded to your home or other places where you want to be. Follow Me is committed to helping you make the most of your time. 

Custom Greetings Feature 

The Custom Greetings Manager of our HIPAA-Compliant VoIP allows you to highlight your company’s identity immediately following a call. Compared to businesses in all shapes and sizes, our HIPAA Compliant VoIP doesn’t try to cater to everyone’s needs. Instead, we provide a variety of customizable phone greeting messages that are ideal for different types of businesses. Depending on the nature of your company and the time of year, your greeting may need to change frequently. 

If you are running a franchise business, you may have specific standards that need to be followed when branding. With our Custom Greetings Manager, you can easily customize your phone greeting messages to meet these requirements. 

You can customize the messages sent on your phone system by allowing any admin to access them. This feature will enable you to select specific messages for your phone system’s components. If you have particular requirements that need to be met, such as a set of regulatory statements, you can easily upload various. WAV or .MP3 files to meet these needs. 

You can also record your custom greeting messages on your phone, just like you would with an extension’s voicemail. No matter how many times you have to record your voicemail messages, you’re in good company. With the ability to update and add audio to your message in real time, you can always have the right one for any occasion. 

Do More with Local Numbers 

We can do it for you if you have a local phone number that you would like to transfer to our HIPAA Compliant VoIP service. We will create a full-featured number that will work seamlessly for your business. If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. 

Employees can get reached by entering their company’s extension number and dialling their primary phone number. However, some may prefer to receive a local phone number instead of an auto-attendant greeting. With our HIPAA Compliant VoIP, everyone in the company can have their phone number, which comes directly to their phones. 

Our calls that come through a designated number, such as a DID, have the same benefits as those going through a regular phone number. In addition, clients can send faxes to your extension or personal number instead of using a corporate fax facility. 

Although international callers from other countries cannot call US toll-free numbers, they can still call local numbers in the US. If you have a global company, then providing a local phone number may be the ideal choice for you. One of our international numbers can get purchased if you have a lot of international calls. 

On Hold Music For Business 

The On Hold Music for the Business feature has been updated to include various new features. One of these is the ability to customize the music played while on hold, which is customizable as the other features of the Dash interface. Various greeting types can get added to the available music on hold. 

People leaving a queue or hearing static during a call can negatively affect the experience of the business and its clients. Music and messages playing while on hold can help keep the callers calm and allow them to wait for a technical service representative to respond. 

Music playing while on hold allows people to relax and take a break from the call. It also provides background noise to help mask the busy offices’ sounds, enabling the callers to feel like they are being handled professionally. 

On-hold messages can also introduce automated system or live personnel to the call. The latter can let people know how long it would take them to wait before speaking with a representative. 

You can also upload pre-recorded content to the On-Hold feature, which can get played in MP3 or WAV format. The administrators on your system can then choose the music they want to play. There are many options for selecting the music that will play while on hold, such as company songs or holiday tunes. 

With the help of Snap Recordings or self-recording, you can create specific messages that can get used to promote your company or share success stories. You can also add any other information you want to share with the customers. Since switching between on-hold audio and music comes from a few clicks, an admin can easily update the music the customers hear. 

Automated Directory 

Creating and managing a directory is a simple and effective way to keep the details of your company and its clients organized. It can get done simply by pressing a number from the dial pad or selecting from the drop-down menu. 

No matter which destination you want to take the call to, our HIPAA Compliant VoIP will automatically route the calls wherever you want them. It eliminates the need for you to enter all the details of the potential call destinations. One of the easiest ways to implement this feature is by programming your phone system to populate the various extensions automatically. 

With a world-class phone system, you can expect to save a lot of time setting up and maintaining it. With our HIPAA Compliant VoIP, you can enjoy various features such as automatic directory, ring groups, and direct inward dialing.

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