Features of a Good Quality Mattress

On average, we humans spend nearly 25% of our lives in bed. So it is important to have a good quality mattress for a comfortable, long sleep. Without a proper mattress, you can suffer various problems, including stiffness of the neck, painful shoulders, and much more due to improper balancing. 

This could cause sleep deprivation, eventually leading to disorders. However, there are certain features that can help you to identify good mattresses. Numerous brands such as Dunlopillo mattresses are well known for their quality. 

A good Dunlopillo mattress is a necessity for sound sleep. Below are the features that help identify a good quality mattress.


Firmness is the main quality that a person looks for when choosing a mattress. Generally, most people like a moderately firm mattress. However, some people also like harder/more firm mattresses. It differs from person to person based on their sleep patterns, habit, and schedules. 

Size of Mattress 

A king size mattress is definitely going to be much more comfortable than a normal-sized mattress, giving you plenty of space if you are someone who moves a lot during sleep. The size of a mattress plays an important part in whether you will have a sound sleep or not. If you are struggling with the size of your bed, you may want to purchase a bigger one, which necessitates a bigger mattress. 

Material of Mattress 

A good quality mattress is generally available in a wide variety of materials. Each of these materials has a different characteristic which denotes the type of comfort it gives. 

For instance, the spring back coil mattress is a traditional variant that has metal springs that provide support. You may also consider innerspring mattresses, memory foam, and many more different types of mattresses. 


A good quality mattress has good durability and continues to provide comfort over the years for a long and peaceful sleep. 


For a sound sleep, a good mattress is essential. It gives the right type of support at the right places, ensuring a comfortable, refreshing sleep. Various mattress types such as inner spring coil, hybrid mattresses, and many more are available. 

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