Features and Benefits of Hung Windows for Your Home in Canada

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Let’s face it, windows come in different shapes and designs suited for different architectures. However, not every window style will give you the contemporary urban appeal that many people love. This is why a majority of Canadians love hung windows, both single and double. 

Right from the ease of operation to the general aesthetic appeal should be reason enough to consider installing this window style for your residence. Our team has studied the market and concluded that Ecoline double-hung windows are the top pick for Canadian homeowners. Want to know why? Tag along to find out more!

Hung Windows Style

Before going ahead and choosing hung windows, you should know that this type of window comes in two varieties:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Double-hung windows

So what are these two? Do they have anything in common? 

Single-hung window

This is the typical type of window you would find in older residences here in Canada. It is quite a classic and dates back a couple of decades ago. This type of hung window has the upper sash stationary while the lower sash moves vertically.

Compared to double-hung windows, this type is often significantly cheaper but lacks the modern and contemporary features that current homeowners would immediately go for.

Double-hung window

Unlike the single-hung windows, this style gives the homeowner the luxury of operating both sashes at will. As a ripple effect, you get better ventilation and flow of air in your house. 

The operation of both sashes makes cleaning your windows effortless. So even if you are not living on the ground floor, all you have to do is tilt and access every inch of your window when cleaning the exterior window surface. 

If prices are anything to go by, you should know that they cost more than single-hung windows. However, the additional cost is compensated by extra features of maintenance and security that will save you a great deal eventually.

Pros and Cons of Single-Hung Windows


  • Price. Again, this is a huge determinant factor when choosing between these two types of hung windows. The difference in prices is usually attractive to those looking to replace several windows or homeowners that were already using the single-hung type of windows. 
  • Aesthetics. While some would argue that more urban and contemporary styles appeal to most, die-hard classic enthusiasts still exist. Single-hung windows are ideal and look authentic, especially to older historic homes.
  • Security. With only one operable sash, there are fewer points of failure on both the hinges and the locking system. Also, with a single lock to operate, it is highly unlikely for you to forget to lock that sash.


  • Limited Function. One of the biggest undoing to this type of window is the limited function, consequently causing less ventilation. 
  • Difficulty in cleaning. Since only one sash is operable, you will have to clean the exterior part of the window pane from the outside. Well, if you have a single-story house, then this might not be a problem; however, two stories or more will require extra long ladders. 
  • Another minor drawback is that if the stationary sash breaks, you will need the services of a professional to replace it. 

Pros and Cons of Double-Hung Windows


  • Better Ventilation. This is the major perk of this window as compared to the single-hung counterparts. With both sashes open, you are guaranteed better airflow and ventilation in your house.
  • Effortless Cleaning. Tilting both sashes will expose the exterior part of the windows, making it possible to clean your windows while standing safely indoors
  • Aesthetics. There is no doubt that double-hung windows offer the modern appeal that new homeowners here in Canada are looking for. 
  • Convenience in operation. Since both sashes are operable, you have the luxury of choosing how to manipulate them to your preference. You could decide to close the bottom sash for the safety kids or even opening both sashes halfway to maximize airflow


  • The only drawback, according to a majority of homeowners, is usually the price. Nonetheless, a majority look beyond the initial cost and take it as a long-term investment.

Hung Windows vs Sliding windows

Many homeowners are usually baffled when choosing between these 2, since both styles are great and popular in Canada. Before going for either hung windows or sliding windows, you ought to know a few things that will inform your decision. 

First and foremost, sliding windows are pretty different as far as operation is concerned. Here, the sashes slide either to the left or right in a single frame. Sliding windows have neat horizontal lines that give your windows and house architecture a relatively symmetrical appeal. Most sliding windows also feature a tilt-in feature similar to the hung windows making it effortless to clean. 

So how do you decide which window style is for you? Well, the type of window you go for will be dependent on the following;

  • Size of your window opening. In scenarios where the width is larger than the height, sliding windows will be ideal; however, if the window opening has got the width shorter than the height, consider hung windows.
  • The height of your ceiling. Houses with shorter ceilings tend to have wider windows making it a good idea to go for sliding windows. On the flip side, those with higher ceilings have the luxury of choosing between either of the two windows.
  • Sliders are usually installed in places where the view outside is concerned since this window provides an unobstructed view.

Extra Information to Know When Choosing Windows

No matter what windows you want to go for, you need to remember some key aspects when making a final choice:

  • Frame. Here in Canada, the most preferred frame is vinyl. It is a modern frame that requires little to no maintenance and is also the most affordable than all other options like wood or fibreglass. 
  • Glazing. You can go with double or triple-pane windows, but first, analyze your climate zone and heating bills since triple glazing is 10-15% more expensive and might not get you that ROI you are after.
  • Get Energy Star products only. Only buy windows that are rated by this authority. This ensures you get energy-efficient units with no issues in the future.
  • Get the right installation. Look for a reliable window company that offers a decent warranty, support and has all their products NFRC and NAFS-11 tested, just like Ecoline Windows.



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