Fake Phone Number: How to Get It For Free and Use It

Using a fake phone number to maintain your privacy online is important, but getting it for free and using it effectively can be challenging. There are tons of websites that claim their fake, temporary, or virtual phone numbers are free but eventually charge their users money. In the same vein, some free websites list overused fake phone numbers that won’t be useful for their users. This post will unveil a list of websites offering free and active phone numbers. We will also explain how you can get the numbers, use them, and list the services you can use them for.

Do You Really Need a Fake Phone Number?

The short answer to the question above is — Yes! And we have genuine reasons to back it up. In today’s world, the incidences of cyber-attacks, online scams, and privacy breaches keep increasing. You need to take preventive measures to stay safe from serious privacy issues. Fortunately, you can prevent most issues that potentially lead to financial or private information loss with a fake phone number.

Fake numbers make it hard for online companies to know much about you and keep tabs on what you do online. And since a fake phone number replaces your real phone number in companies’ databases, hackers and scammers won’t gain access to your personal phone number. Plus, the marketing SMS messages and calls you receive from new online companies you join will stop. Using a fake or temporary phone number is non-negotiable if you want to take your privacy seriously.

Even though people call these numbers “Fake numbers,” they are functional phone numbers that can receive verification text from any company. Receiving SMS online is similar to when you do it with your real phone number. The major difference is that you will get an SMS on the website that lists the fake or temporary phone number, not your mobile phone.

Which Services Can I Use a Fake Number For?

The services you can use a fake number for are countless. Whether you need to verify a social media account like TikTok or Facebook, buy a product on an ecommerce store like Amazon, or make a payment on platforms like PayPal, you can maintain your privacy with a fake phone number.

How Can I Get A Free Fake Phone Number?

Many websites and apps offer fake phone numbers after a subscription. Some allow users to buy a phone number, while some offer a few days’ trials before charging an amount. But you can get a fake number for free. And the fact that the fake phone number is free doesn’t mean it won’t be effective. In fact, some free websites that offer fake phone numbers list numbers from different countries, meaning you can get a specific country or area number code for a country-based service. Examples of websites that offer free fake phone numbers include:

  1. SMS4You
  2. Receivesmsonline
  3. Sms-online.co.
  4. FreeOnlinePhone

These websites won’t request your credit card details or ask you to sign up before you can access their fake phone numbers.

How Can I Use the Fake Phone Number?

Now that you know where to get a fake phone number for free, how can you use the phone number quickly and effectively? We know it can be difficult to start using fake phone numbers, so we created this easy-to-follow guide for you.

Step 1: Go to any of the websites highlighted above to get a free phone number for any online service you want.

Step 2: Select an active fake phone number from the options available on the free website. Check if the number is still active and not overused by clicking on the number. However, choose the phone number with the country and area code you need.

Step 3: Copy the fake phone number after confirming it’s active.

Step 4: Paste the number correctly whenever a company asks you for a phone number.

Step 5: Go back to the free website where you got the fake phone number to see the verification SMS or OTP from the company.

Step 6: Copy the OTP or verification code in the text on the fake phone number website, then paste it into the verification prompt. Submit the code or OTP to complete the process.


The protection of your privacy is a necessity. Begin your privacy maintenance journey by using a fake phone number anytime an online company asks for your phone number. This will not only stop the series of promotional messages and calls you’ve been receiving but will also protect you from scams, unnecessary hacks, and privacy breaches.

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