Factors Considered while Ordering Custom Wine Labels

When one talks about custom wine labels, he/she is not referring to a one-size-fits-all solution. In addition, labels are not simply stickers but are tailor-made for specific products of a brand. Custom labels can be envisioned in any form that also helps to build a brand and make it stand out from the rest. To order wine labels, certain factors are required to be taken note of.

What is the intention or purpose?

Labels are not just to appear pretty, they have work to do. When a business needs to create labels, the purpose should be considered in the first instance. It is the purpose that determines an excellent deal about custom-made wine labels. Now, the question arises of whether the labels need to include any regulatory information. Is the label trying to attract the attention of the customer in the competitive market?

 All such questions help create the right shape, and size of the customized labels, and also make use of the correct adhesives. In a wine business, labels are essential branding aspects. They entice customers by attracting them to their sense of identity. In addition, the labels also inform the ingredients used and storage instructions to help avoid confusion, according to Yahoo.

Protecting the brand

Brand protection is one of the functions that custom-made labels can render to every industry. Unauthorized, and counterfeiting sales of wine bottles are on the rise, mainly due to easy online shopping accessibility. Brand protection aids a business to fight back and reclaim the brand and reputation from unauthorized sellers. Custom wine labels can aid with the different brand protection strategies, incorporating the latest technology to eliminate copies, identify tampering, and also monitor the supply chain.

To order wine labels, one should look out for brand security solutions like:

·         Covert security

·         Overt security

·         Trace and track technology


Quantity is another factor to consider while considering ordering customized wine labels from a label printer. A label printer asks about the quantity to offer the best pricing and make it as efficient as possible. When there are bulk orders, the price per label will be less. The majority of the cost involved in a custom wine label indicates the setup.

 Quantity determines the most efficient setups, thereby it is vital to communicate short and long-term goals for custom labels with wine label printing providers. This helps the printing company to utilize the information and strategize the most cost-effective production methods and also cater to the demands in the present and the future.

The application surface

The surface onto which the wine label is to be applied is significant. This influences the type of adhesives that will work and that won’t. Wine bottles and wine packaging boxes differ in size, shape, and even material. Thus, it becomes necessary to determine the application surface before considering custom-order wine labels in bulks. Whether a porous or non-porous surface is used, prior assessment helps to make the right choice with labels. In addition, environmental factors like heat, and humidity also play a big role.

Another consideration that needs attention is whether the wine business wants the labels to be removable or non-removable. Often after peeling the labels off a wine bottle, a sticky residue is left behind, and it is frustrating to eliminate the strong adhesive bond. Such scenarios must be discussed with the custom wine label printing company.

Environmental elements

The environments in which the labels are to be applied can significantly change the performance and appearance of the labels. The following aspects need to be in mind.

Heat and cold

The temperature to which the wine labels are exposed during the application, transport, storage, or end-use can have a vital impact on the performance. A wine bottle is exposed to filling to wine, stored in cool warehouses, carried in the hot interior of a carrier, and stored again then in a freezer. The labels and adhesives used must be able to withstand the changes. When temperature exposures are not given importance, the labels will not be long-lasting.

Chemicals and moisture

Moisture can be devastating to the wine labels. It doesn’t take much to make a label into a mess with the exposure to moisture. The inks used to provide information and other details will drip and smudge when exposed to moisture. In addition, to order wine labels, the adhesives also need to be taken care of. Chemical exposure can also lead to a complete mess, thereby the custom label printing companies must ensure to use of moisture and chemical protectants.

·         Oil-based inks are an excellent consideration

·         Synthetic elements like polypropylene and polyethylene can be the best option

·         Using transparent film laminates over the labels is a good idea as well


A wine business needs a custom-made label that not only performs but appears in a certain way. There is no single template for designs. It might be possible that the design created with labels doesn’t cater to the intended consequences. For instance, one might stick to a bright color without considering the additional expense. There is a possibility that there is a different color shade, equally glowing and bright with the same impact, but at a lower cost.

Unless a skilled and experienced label printing supplier is on board, one might miss out on such smart business moves and save time and money. The right wine label partner knows what questions need to be asked to gain an insight into the design and specifications of the label and end up with the right customized wine labels. The following aspects need to be discussed before finalizing the appearance of the labels.

·         Color and design

·         Size and shape of labels


When one plans to order wine labels in bulk, a lot of money is at stake. Thus, the business mustn’t ignore the factors necessary factors mentioned above. labels are important in every business sector as they represent the brand in the best possible way. Considering the purpose of the label, the application surface, appearance, quantity, etc., helps with the right custom wine labels for the business.

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