Enticing Digital Menu for Restaurant’s Profitability

The digital menu QR code is one of the first few things a customer will notice in your restaurant. This is a medium where customers can scan, order, and pay through an online ordering page.

However, there are some interactive menus where contents and menu lists are over-the-place. These cluttered contents of interactive menus reflect a terrible first impression to customers since it is not easily understandable. 

Hence, you can generate a well-thought-out menu using digital menu QR code software that can potentially leave a lasting impression on your restaurant.

The software can help you create a beautiful, well-written menu that fits well with your restaurant branding and concept – from the restaurant website and brick-and-mortar establishment to the digital menu.

This will make your customers feel like they are in the right place to order what they are craving at the right time. 

Keep reading to learn more about designing a delectable menu that will make your restaurant gain foot traffic and potentially improve sales.

How to design an enticing menu

Designing a menu is quite overwhelming. 

Different factors contribute to how you can strategically create a menu – from deciding with not too few nor too many menu choices to the spot-on color combination of your online ordering page that complements your brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Aside from an organized menu list with brief menu descriptions and complementary colors, here are a few tips you can consider in designing your menu.

  1. Money signs adverse effect

Although eliminating dollar signs in your menu lists’ prices is not essential, you can also reconsider the symbolic effect of this factor.

Monetary signs prompt adverse connections about restaurant customer expenditures. Thus, you can counter-attack this phenomenon and omit money signs in your digital menu.

However, foreign customers come to your restaurant and may be confused about the currency your restaurant is using. As a pro tip, you can use USD, JPY, EUR, and the likes to highlight the currency instead of its designated monetary signs.

  1. Less is more

It is undeniable that you might consider putting all the menu items in mind in your interactive menu. For instance, you might want to showcase the variety of similar cuts of steak, sorts of fruit bowls, and the like in your menu. But remember that less is more

Experience tells that most customers have a hard time choosing from an extended digital menu, which will eventually lead to ‘decision fatigue,’ leaving customers confused. Thus, an intricate and overwhelming menu list is not helpful for your customers.

As a pro tip, you can present a minimal menu to your customers that offer everything from appetizers to desserts. A limited menu is an effective marketing trend that guarantees high-quality dishes and streamlines the ordering process, boosting sales and profitability.

  1. Evoke the sense of taste

Describing menu items is also thought consuming. You might want to write every adjective that perfectly illustrates your dish, but don’t you think it’s too much?

It is necessary to connect to your customers through menu descriptions and let them understand the ingredients and execution of your chef’s culinary flair.

Hence, you can appeal to your customers’ appetites by using adjectives like “rich,” “spicy,” “earthy,” and the likes to plea to the taste buds of your customers. This will help you harness the balance of a well-described and taste-evoking menu description.

  1. Entice the eyes

Food photographs affect the decision-making of your customers, research shows. Appetizing menu images stimulates your customers’ appetites. Thus, presenting enticing photographic meals in your digital menu lets customers decide what they want. 

However, you might be considering taking photos of your menu items personally and end up choosing mediocre ones. 

As a tip, you can hire a professional photographer to help you present the best angles of your meals on your digital menu. Photographers also help you take high-quality images of your dishes and put them on your menu.


The digital menu of your restaurant appeals to your customers. Make sure to design the right digital menu that stays consistent with your brand, says Intel – from the color scheme of your online ordering page and restaurant concept to the menu list in your online ordering page.

Let your digital menu speak for itself and for your restaurant business. This will let you highlight your restaurant’s most profitable items, which will improve your sales and revenue. 

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