Enjoy a Cinema Screen All to Yourself

Are you looking for something to do with your friends for a different night out? If you are tired of the same old activities, it may be time to shake things up with a cinema screen rental.

How to Rent a Cinema Screen

Your best bet to hire a cinema is Book The Cinema. They make it super simple to rent a screen all to yourself to share with friends. You can pick from a selection of available cinemas that are affiliated with their service, and choose the movie you want to watch. On their site, you will find a form to fill out to get the ball rolling.

There Is a Cinema Near You…

You can book a screen with cinemas in more than 70 locations, so you are likely to find one that is close to you. 

Your Choice of Movie

When you use Book The Cinema, you can choose from an amazing assortment of available titles. They have tons of options for people who want action movies, romantic comedies, family films, science fiction, and much more. Their massive database gives you an almost endless number of choices for great movies. 

Bring Your Friends

One of the best things about booking an entire cinema screen is that there is no shortage of seating. The whole cinema is yours to use, and you can fill it up with all of your friends. How much seating is available will be based on the size of the cinema you go with. Keep that in mind if you are hoping to gather a crowd for the event. Book The Cinema gives you electronic tickets you can share out. 

Food at Your Fingertips

You can also order your food ahead of time, so you don’t have to wait in line for it. Book The Cinema lets you pre-order drinks and snacks. You will have the food delivered to you before the movie begins, and you can choose from the cinema’s entire menu. 

Make It Personal

There are a few different options you can pick from to personalize the event to your liking. If you are hoping to make this experience a memorable one, then you could have a personal clip shown before the movie begins. You also get to enjoy the freedom of having the screen all to yourself, with no strangers there to make noise and disturb your movie watching. This is an incredible way to treat your friends and give them something they will be talking about for years!

Rent a movie screen with Book The Cinema to make your movie watching event bigger and bolder than anything you have ever experienced before. 

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