Enhancing Your Business by Working with a UX Design Agency

Enhancing Your Business by Working with a UX Design Agency

Most businesses today have established some sort of digital presence in the form of a web site, social media activity, or even an app that helps customers find and interact with the company. You don’t need to be very tech savvy to set up a basic online presence. To really make the most of digital marketing channels, build great products, and win new customers, a more advanced approach is needed. User experience companies, like the San Francisco based Ramotion; help businesses do more for their users. You can find excellent UX agencies, such as these, where ever you happen to be located.

Why Work with a UI/UX Design Company

At the core of any business is customers. Customers the are users of your product or service. When those users are your main focus, according to the Design Management Institute, your business performs better, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 228%.

A UX agency provides experience and knowledge in all aspects of designing for users of all types. They make sure their clients are delivering not just fun or pretty tools, but products and services users value. UX/UI firms expertly target the user segment you want to reach and figure out what they want. Using a design firm:

  • Saves Money: Avoid ramp up, staffing, and management of a costly in-house team.
  • Increase Efficiency: Get help from pros with established processes and methods in place.
  • Rent Talent: Get exactly the staff you need, only when you need it.

What to Expect from the UX Agency

So what will a UI/UX design firm actually do? 

  • Define the Problem: UX agencies start with discovery to uncover workflow issues, user pain points, feature gaps, and any other area that needs some attention.
  • Listen to the Users: Next, they develop a couple of ideas and talk to some users. This can take many different forms from following users doing their daily routine to surveys, to interview with individuals.  Your chosen agency will get a detailed picture of who they are designing for and document it in the form of personas, workflows, and user stories.
  • Stay Flexible: As the design process continues, testing may lead the project in a new direction. User experience companies are used to this and can pivot as needed to ensure that the best possible solution is found.
  • Iterate on Solutions: Your team will continue to refine and test throughout their process. The result is a valued, useful, and enjoyable experience for your users.

How to Select a UX Company

As with any vendor, there are many considerations to the selection, cost being the most obvious, according to LinkedIn.com. Simply going with the cheapest may not always be the best option, though. Some other areas to consider are:

  • Agency Type/Style – Agencies come in many shapes and sizes. Choose one that offers flexibility, but suits your needs. Some specialize in a particular industry, others a large and less personalized but can support larger projects.
  • Agency Location – Is the agency nearby? If not, can they easily accommodate collaboration in your time zone and work hours?
  • Rapport and Working Relationship – You’ll be working closely with whatever agency you choose. Make sure that their style and values align with your corporate values to be successful.


Whatever your business type, size, or shape, you will have some need for user experience help to serve your customer base best. Selecting and hiring a UI/UX firm can help you deliver great experiences while saving time and money.

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