Enamelled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – The Kitchenware You Must Own

Have you ever tried using a Dutch oven for your daily cooking? Or maybe, have you ever used an enamelled cast iron Dutch oven, such as this product? It has even more benefits that can perfect your kitchenware set and allow you to enjoy cooking much more.

If you are wondering what a Dutch oven is, then you are in the right place. This product is thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. It also comes with a lid that can be tightened, which enables better heat circulation and reservation. A Dutch oven is multifunctional cookware that can be used for stewing, frying, roasting and much more. All its functions can complement your cooking skills perfectly.

Most Dutch ovens available on the market employ materials such as ceramic and enamelled aluminium. However, there is one brand called UNICOOK that catches my attention. They use heavy duty enameled cast iron to produce the dutch oven, which can provide long lasting durability, deliver superior heat retention and consistent cooking results, perfect for people who like to cook.

I was wondering what the differences between cast iron and my ceramic one are; therefore, I picked up their 5 quarts enamelled cast iron Dutch oven recently and tried it out myself. You can choose between two other sizes depending on your needs, they are 2.5 and 3 quarts. After a month of trying it out, there are some benefits I really like from enamelled cast iron. These advantages are perfectly combined with a regular Dutch oven, and I cannot wait to share some significant aspects with you.

1) High Adaptability and Durability

Quality is the first outstanding benefit compared to a ceramic oven. It was not the first time I have broken a ceramic Dutch oven or scratched the surface because of my carelessness whenever I transferred it from the cooktop to the oven or cleaned it after use. It became frustrating enough that I started to be scared of using any ceramic kitchenware.

The cast iron Dutch oven is harder to be damaged than the ceramic oven or cast aluminium. The metal is durable and reliable, and the one I purchased from UNICOOK still looks as new as the first day I picked it up, with absolutely no cracks and minimal scratches.

2) Inexpensive Even When it is Enammelled

The dutch oven remains as one of the most valuable items you can ever acquire for your cooking set. Enamelled one is a bit more expensive than bare cast iron, but it comes with some extra benefits that are genuinely worth the price. The enamelled Dutch oven I purchased from UNICOOK, which was the largest one available from them. With a price of $49.99, and it was cheaper than the similar utensil of other Dutch oven brands.#

3) Enamelled Cast Iron is Non-Stick Rust Proof and Requires No Seasoning

Bare cast iron cookware requires seasoning through natural oil when you acquire the product at the beginning. An Enamelled version of Dutch oven saves you energy as companies already apply a layer that is non-stick; therefore seasoning is not required, according to http://www.eatingwell.com/article/283462/how-to-clean-and-season-a-cast-iron-skillet/.

The enamel surface has a non-stick property, and that allows the Dutch oven to be easy to clean and maintain, especially the high-quality one from UNICOOK.

Such surface also brings an underlying benefit, and that is the exclusion of Teflon. It is used for most non-stick pans on the market. When heated at high temperatures, it releases chemicals into the air called perfluorinated compounds that are proved to be related to specific health problems, such as liver dysfunction. Enamelled cookware entirely stops this from happening.

Another benefit of enamelled Dutch oven compared to a bare one is the ability to prevent rusting. Bare cast iron cooking utensils can easily rust if it is not appropriately seasoned, not fully dried after using it, or being put under water for an extensive period. Once again, enamelled surface has a protective coating that allows you to do whatever you like without rusting.

4) It Offers Even Cooking Temperature and Improves Heat Reservation

Enamelled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Most enamelled cast iron cookware is hefty, and the weight is where the magic happens. UNICOOK’s Dutch oven weights around 14 pounds because of its thick wall and metal build. It has a much better heat retention than ceramic pot from my experience. The temperature is evenly shared so that foods can be cooked more tender and tasty. My cooking skills have definitely been improved with this cookware.

5) Enamelled Cast Iron Dutch Oven Looks Better Than Bare Version

Well, this is personal, but I found the enamelled cast iron Dutch oven has a much prettier appearance than other bare cast iron products that are either black or dark grey. UNICOOK’s Dutch oven has a red and orange shade that stands out from other cookware, while a light sand colour interior brings in more light when cooking. It makes me feel more comfortable when identifying how well the food has been prepared and cooked, and its bright colour also brings extra joy when cooking.

Now you get how great I feel about using an enamelled cast iron Dutch oven. It has a perfect size and shape to cook whatever I prefer, and the materials it is made of are perfect complements to this particular kitchenware. Want to enjoy cooking your delicious dishes? Wait no more and pick it up, it is the product you need.

Here is a good article about why you should use cast iron cookware at HuffingtonPost.

For more info, please visit: https://www.unicook.com
Buy Now:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XSFDWC5

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