eMIP: Software Application for Managing and Monitoring Business Plans

The eMIP platform is a software application, made by a team of experts in European Union project management and software developers – which improves the activity of project teams by streamlining and automating processes.

Improves project execution and facilitates the work of the entire project team by reducing the difficulty of completing bureaucratic reporting required by funders: from project owners to governing bodies.

Why eMIP? Because it is the only online project management application completely adapted to the requirements of European projects.

After implementing several POSDRU projects as proposers many years ago and adapting them to POCUs at the request of some former partners, we started thinking about eMIPs, who are now the first customers ”- Alex RUSAN tells us – CTO of eMIP

The advantages of using this solution are based on two premises: (1) not all experts in the project team have advanced IT skills; (2) not all experts in key areas of the project (procurement, training, consulting, etc.) have European project Advanced experience in implementation. Thus, eMIP provides a set of software tools for project management, partners, project team experts, project activities and resources for implementation.

eMIP automatically generates time sheets for the experts, not missing any information needed to produce quality reports. It also creates a detailed archive of the project that’s organized according to what MySMIS requires.

Starting in 2022, eMIP (European Market Infrastructure Program) allows for the monitoring of Business Plans, being managed by designated monitoring experts. These plans are financed under a specific umbrella project, through the “state aid” scheme.

MyStart connects to the monitoring layer which imports all of the operations performed by the business administrator. This data is also accessible remotely in Real Time so that we can monitor budget execution and deductions corresponding to the business plan’s success criteria (such as revenues), so that fulfillment of financial performance criteria (CANE) is determined.

This software application is developerd by a team from Alba Iulia – all founders of Transeth and addresses both startup recipients of business plans financed by European funds, and project members. With this product, project participants monitor their progress and mentor one another.

The benefits of eMIP in the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program – accessed in March 2022, thanks to the support from Microsoft Partnership.

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