Ear Cuff and Ear Pieces – How to Buy Silver Jewellery For Someone Else

One of the most trending silver jewellery is ear cuff models nowadays. Ear cuff makes for such a special and sentimental gift as they are very desirable these days. There are pieces, like a diamond ring that signify a special relationship and pieces, like a friendship bracelet that symbolize lasting bonds. It can, however, be difficult know what to buy when, even if you don’t know the receiver very well.

One of the reasons that buying ear cuff for someone is a little risky is because they are adjustable and there is no size when it comes to ear cuff jewellery Fortunately, you can find at e&e jewellery rings and necklaces that ca be easily adjusted as well, making it easier to find pieces that will fit perfectly.

When you are buying silver jewellery for someone else, bare these things I mind.

Your Relationship

Buying jewellery for someone may sound like a good idea but before you jump in and make the purchase, consider how long you have been friends first. Giving jewellery as a gift comes loaded with meaning, so it is always better to buy sterling silver pieces for friends you have known for many years. If the relationship is still new, whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship, jewellery might not be the best idea.

example of an ear cuff
Figure 1 Ear cuff models

The Quality of the Ear Cuff

Ensure that the ear cuff you are buying is sterling silver. An easy way to check is to look for the 925 stamps on the ear cuff you are buying. This stamp means that the piece has been made using 92.5% silver. It is also important to look at the quality of overall piece, are their blemishes or marks on it, do the clasps look strong and secure?

What is Their Style?

When buying jewellery for someone it is important to first make sure you understand the style of the person you are buying for. Consider what they wear often. I they wear muted tones with minimal accessories then you don’t want to buy a large, bold statement piece but rather want to pick something simple like a plain sterling silver necklace or pair of stud earrings.

Pay attention to what jewellery they already wear, if they never wear rings then rather don’t buy a ring, unless of course it is an engagement ring. Choose a piece that is in line with that thy already wear.

Make it Practical

Gifts that are useful are always more appreciated because they are practical and can be used, the same applies for jewellery. Look for a piece of jewellery that can easily be worn as an everyday piece. opt for something like a silver necklace, sterling silver rings or a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings. Stacking rings make for stunning gifts and you can get many of them as adjustable rings, allowing the receiver to wear them on any finger in a variety of places. Bracelets that allow for charms to be added or removed are also great pieces to buy as a gift because you can easily change the look and feel of them.

Size Does Matter

When it comes to buying jewellery, you want to buy the right size. If you buy a necklace that is too short for the persons style or a ring that is too big, they will not wear it. It can be tricky trying to figure sizes out without giving away your gift. Adjustable ins and necklaces will save the day and make for great gifts. The person you are buying for will easily be able to make the necklace longer or the ring a little bigger depending on their fingers.

Apart from ear cuff jewellery 5 of our favorite adjustable necklaces and rings that you can find at www.eandejewellery.com

Double Dot Sterling Silver Ring

Simple, elegant, and completely adjustable, this ring can be pushed gentle together to make it smaller if needed or pushed out slightly to enlarge it.

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Circle Sterling Silver Necklace

This is piece is so beautiful and would make for a stunning gift, it comes with an adjustable clasp allowing the wearer the freedom to make it bigger or smaller.

A necklace hanging on a wall

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Flower Sterling Silver Ring

These pretty little flowers can be moved closer together or they can be spread further apart, depending on where they are worn.

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Silver Plated Real Leaf Necklace

This pretty necklace make for a great gift because it sits perfectly on any neckline, but it can be adjusted easily should it need to be.

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Adjustable Fork Sterling Silver Ring

If you are looking to buy stacking rings for someone then this is a great one to add to their collection. It can be adjusted easily so they are able to wear it on any finger in any position.

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Sterling Silver Evil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye jewellery is also a great gift idea, it adds positivity and good fortune to the person you are buying it for, and this is always welcome.

A necklace hanging on a wall

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