E-Learning Equips Students for Post-Secondary Education

Today more than ever, we are seeing the value of e-learning. As the learning landscape continues to change, education must adapt. And for students applying to post-secondary institutions, earning credits from the right virtual high school will allow you to stay on track and avoid falling behind as schools stay closed throughout the spring.

Author and St. John’s Fisher College professor Brittany Gilbert writes that “The expansive nature of the Internet and the accessibility of technology have generated a surge in the demand for web-based teaching and learning. Online education is quickly infiltrating into school districts and colleges across the nation.”

It is important to understand the benefits surrounding e-learning and the ways in which it fosters independent study for the future post-secondary student.

Challenging Students to Work Effectively

The rate at which students are learning electronically is growing steadily. According to Babson College, there are at least 7 million higher education students taking at least one online course. e-learning is an asset for students looking to pursue higher education because it challenges them to manage their time efficiently and prioritize their workload without the traditional construct of a physical school day. When you take your courses at Ontario Virtual School or a similar online institution, you learn self-reliance, organization, and time management skills in ways you can’t at a traditional day school.

Creating Confident Students

Confidence is a key benefit of e-learning and students who pursue virtual credits online are often better equipped with the tools to handle the technology frequently used in post-secondary institutions including virtual learning, Google documents, discussion forums, and visual resources such as YouTube.

High school e-learning prepares students for the necessities of post-secondary studies, many of which rely on online portals and study groups. Pursuing credits at a virtual high school gives students a crash course in digital learning they are sure to encounter in college or university.  

Fostering Financial Benefits

Online learning often comes with lower costs than traditional classrooms. The low overhead and elimination of costs such as transportation can be an asset to students looking to save money for post-secondary studies. Financial strains are often common when looking to pursue higher education.

Online learning can be an effective tool to relieve financial pressure for students looking to take courses prior to their post-secondary degree. With online learning, students can focus on their studies and expand their academic resume without having to empty their pockets.

Creating A Smart Study Environment Will Produce Results

Electronic learning can foster a positive independent study environment if correctly executed. This requires a quiet learning space with minimal distractions such as cellphones, family, or roommates. Avoiding non-essential computer programs and websites are key to maintaining a focused work environment with limited distractions.

Knowing the ergonomics and lighting that works for your individual situation will ensure you can work at your maximum comfort level, thereby enhancing the quality of work put out.

Being able to apply these tools early will allow students to work more efficiently when they reach college or university, where they will need to balance their course load and any additional activities. While virtual learning comes with its challenges, there are immense benefits for students preparing for higher education.

These institutions are about more than grades; they challenge students to think critically, to work independently, and to take responsibility for their time and actions. E-learning gives them the tools to create a head start towards their academic futures.

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