Drug Rehab: An Overview on Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

drug rehab centers

Drug addiction is one of the most pressing issues that the world is experiencing today. For years, people have been trying to find a solution to prevent the problem from worsening, but unfortunately, none of the efforts seem to work. Drug sellers and addicts always find a way to manufacture and distribute illegal substances and manage to ruin the lives of the many.

Drug Rehab: What is It?

Addiction is something that cannot be easily cured. Many addicts say that they can stop whenever they want, as all it takes is will power. But this doesn’t work. Drug dependents develop a constant need for drugs, and they can no longer function without it. It is for this reason that many drug rehabs have been established to provide proper attention to the worsening cases of drug addiction.

What Can Drugs Do to the Body?

It is not a secret that illegal drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana bring ill-effects to the user. These addictive substances target the psychology as well as the physiology of an individual that often appear on patients before drug rehab. Frequently, taking drugs disrupts the natural mental processes of an individual, which is why a drug addict fails to reason. Thus substances affect the neurological function and production of the brain; therefore, resulting in memory dullness and deterioration. When taken, it increases the level of dopamine and the brain, thus causing one to feel euphoric. Drug addicts begin to lose all inhibitions, and they start having hallucinations. People who have substance abuse have irrational behaviors because they no longer have logical reasoning as a result of the damage that the drugs have brought to their brains.

Likewise, these illegal substances may have a significant toll on the physical health of the person. Depending on the substance that was used, drugs are said to increase the blood pressure and heart rate of a person. This provides some energy boost. But when used frequently, it may cause the body to experience chronic headaches, sleeplessness, and occasional trembling, especially when the effects of the drugs begin to wear out. There are also cases when taking illegal substances can cause fatalities, such as heart attacks. Some substances like methamphetamines, cause skin breakouts, and tooth decay.

The manners by which the substances are taken also increase the dangers of using drugs. Cocaine, for instance, is snorted, thus, causing the nasal cavity of the user to be severely affected. Drugs that are injected directly into the bloodstream often cause complications such as hepatitis and AIDS, especially if the syringe is shared by many. Drug overdose is also very common among substance addicts. This can be fatal when not treated immediately as it poisons the blood, stops breathing, and slows down the heart rate.

What are the Symptoms of Drug Addiction?

Before putting an addict through drug rehab, it would be best first to determine the symptoms. People with drug dependence problems are often easy to decide on because of their bizarre behaviors. They have short tempers and manic-depressive moods. Most of the time, they become too lazy to function; that is why most drug dependents get laid off from their day jobs. There are also times when they tend to appear crazy, talking about irrelevant things, and having hallucinations. They will also look perplexed and disoriented as they do not know what to do at times.

Drug addicts are also very fidgety as they tend to move around all the time, often pacing to and fro or squirming in their seats. They usually have trembling hands as a result of temporary withdrawal when not using drugs. Their pupils will be constricted, but the eyes tend to be red and droopy. Coughing and sniffing will be prevalent as well as bruises and dark marks on the arm as a result of the frequent injection of the substance.

Addicts who need drug rehab are also characterized by drastic weight loss as they no longer eat or drink normal food, and they let go of personal grooming and hygiene, so they no longer look presentable. They even change their set of friends as they tend to hang out with their fellow drug dependents.

How Can Addiction be Cured?

If one has a friend or relative who has developed a dependence on illegal substances, then the best solution is to seek proper help. Telling them to quit doing drugs or waiting for them to stop on their own might worsen the situation. It would be advisable to enroll drug-dependent patients in a facility such as a drug rehab centers so they can be treated appropriately and reformed.

When going through drug rehab, drug addicts will need all the support they can get from families and friends. They need to be encouraged so that they may be able to endure the steps that they will take to return to a healthy life. At the beginning of the process, the patients will feel harsh withdrawal symptoms because of the absence of the substance in their system. This detoxification process may take weeks and maybe very rough for the patient. Sometimes, it may be induced to taking medications that will help clean out the harmful substance in the body.

In the weeks to follow, patients who undergo drug rehab will be closely monitored as a series of psychological tests will be administered regularly to determine the mental condition of the patients. In rehab centers, they will be encouraged to talk with counselors to address underlying reasons as to what prompted the addiction. They will also be given talks and seminars to encourage their rehabilitation and to instill in them social values that will help them upon returning to their normal world outside the center.

Drug Rehab: Moving On

Drug rehab does not end when the patients step out of the rehabilitation center, as there will always be a possibility of relapse. Out, patients should be continually monitored so that they will no longer return to substance abuse. They should not be left alone as it may trigger the need to use drugs once again. It is crucial that they stay with companies who understand them and will support them in the process if their drug rehab.

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