Drawing & Sketching

Drawing & Sketching

For a long time, it was though that creative abilities such as drawing and sketching were reserved strictly for individuals who were “born” with the ability. This cannot be further from the truth as many great artists throughout history were taught in their craft which is what eventually led to them becoming the renowned artists that they are known as today. The best way to begin to learn how to draw is by making a few cool drawings and sketches based on your existing interests.

The first step in creating art of any kind is the sketching and drawing phase, it’s important to distinguish between what a sketch and a drawing is. The definition of a drawing refers to markings made on a medium that use details, colors, and shadows to create or represent a particular image or icon.

Sketches on the other hand are classified as quick marks which are used to represent a concept or idea. Sketches contain less detail than full blown drawings and are used as staring points to craft complete art pieces. Since it’s the holiday season, one of the objects you can begin practicing your drawings skills on is a Christmas tree.

Step by Step Drawing of a Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are probably one of the most recognizable symbols and icons when it comes to the holiday season. They also make great starting points for individuals interested in learning how to create more advanced sketches and drawings. If you have no experience with creating drawings or sketches, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’re going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can create the perfect Christmas tree drawing.

Step by Step Drawing of a Christmas Tree

  1. Draw an upside-down V shape
  2. Add zig-zag lines to the bottom of the sketch
  3. Draw accentuating lines from the initial upside-down triangle that you drew and add another layer of zig-zags
  4. Add the third layer of zig-zags to the bottom of the tree sketch
  5. Draw a tree trunk at the bottom of the sketch
  6. Draw Christmas lights on the tree sketch
  7. Finish adding any extra decorations or ornaments that you desire to your Christmas tree drawing

This is the simplest method you can use to create a great looking drawing of a Christmas tree without needing to have prior sketching or drawing experience. With the step-by-step tutorial that we mentioned above, you will be able to create a stunning Christmas tree design while also having the ability to infuse elements of your own personal style and character into it.

Cool Drawings and Sketches

Like with all things, practice makes perfect and the same applies to creating cool drawings and sketches if you’re someone new to the practice entirely. Before attempting to draw or sketch anything, you should always have some sort of material to draw inspiration from. That inspiration can come from a lot of different places including magazines, the internet, videos, movies, TV, and more. By having a base design to create your drawings and sketches from, you will be able to ensure that the end product is something you desire and cherish.

One of the really great things about being an artist is that there are no rules or restrictions on your creativity. As long as you can think of it in your head, you will be able to translate it into an actualized drawing or piece of art that is representative of your core interests and desires as it relates to the object or scene that you may be creating.



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