Dr. Martin Schwarz With a Goal to Transform Cosmetic Dentistry

Earlier this month, Frankfurt-based oral care brand – Dr. Martin Schwarz has launched a new product type that is claimed to revolutionize the dental industry. The news about Bioscaling antibacterial gel was announced by Yahoo, TheFrisky and other media – stating, that Bioscaling features prevent from dental calculus formation and common dental diseases.

What is Bioscaling and What Impact It Can Generate?

Bioscaling by Dr. Martin Schwarz is an antibacterial dental product in the form of a gel, that can be applied on the teeth surface independently at home. According to Yahoo cited by The Frisky, Bioscaling is a new type of dental product that removes dental plaque and therefore counteracts dental calculus formation and gum disease. As the dental calculus or tartar is formed on the teeth surface due to the hardening process of dental plaque, it stains the teeth. Besides not aesthetical appearance, calculus reduces also the gum line and often leads to gum bleeding or even tooth loss.

The impact of Bioscaling on the dental industry is claimed to be significant – due to the fact that even regular sessions of tooth brushing do not guarantee prevention from calculus build-up. It frequently happens that individuals with even outstanding dental hygiene visit a dental specialist for tartar removal procedure regularly. Dental scaling – In-office procedure of tartar removal although beneficial for patients’ oral health, is linked to unpleasant pain and gum’s bleeding. It requires also specialised equipment available only in dental clinics, which limits the population of its users. Under such circumstances, the possibility of at-home dental plaque removal and therefore prevention of dental calculus build-up seems to be a big step forward in an oral care industry.  

Impact on Cosmetic Dentistry

Development of Bioscaling gel by Dr. Martin Schwarz appears to be just the beginning of their expansion to transform the dental industry. Antiseptic properties of Bioscaling, allows to remove colonies of undesired bacteria from teeth surface and because of this procedure – according to the manufacturer – far more spectacular results might be achieved. Dr. Martin Schwarz claims that regular sessions with Bioscaling gel would not only reduce the dental plaque but also accelerate the effectiveness of other dental products applied on users teeth. Bioscaling is meant to tackle dental plaque, and therefore eliminate bacterial biofilm, that prevents other dental product to interact with the teeth. Bioscaling procedure is said to improve the performance of teeth whitening products, toothpaste and other dental gels.

The Future

As the consumption of sugar-rich products and junk food is still popular, maintaining the proper oral health might be very challenging. In the same time, beauty standards change, imposing on ordinary people being more glamorous and model-like. If the same is applied to the dental industry, it’s reasonable to assume, that professional dental products might gain a vast group of clientele eager to tackle dental problems and sparkle with their perfect smile.

The portfolio of Dr. Martin Schwarz with the specialised dental products might potentially impact the whole dental industry and brings Hollywood smile on the faces of many people.  However, would Dr. Martin Schwarz’s products really provide quality results? Would the final outcome of their products support their claims? We will have to wait to see.

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