Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Personal Injury Clients

Have you ever thought about what could social media has to do with your personal injury case? Nearly everything! Yes, don’t get surprised but this is reality. Social media is now an essential part of modern life. The platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use sufficient space for each one of us to share our experiences and all kinds of digital content. 

If you are pursuing a personal injury claim in Los Angeles, you should remember that your one post, tweet, or share can be used against you in the trial. With this, the best possible solution seems is to stop all forms of social media interaction. But is that really possible? You may not be able to unplug yourself from social media all of a sudden. Then, what is the best solution for this? Well, you don’t have to worry as your accident lawyer can help guide you in your trial and social media interaction. Here are some dos and don’ts of social media for your personal injury case. 


  • Keep on reminding your friends not to post certain photos, videos, and messages on their social media sites. You will also have to monitor your friends’ media posts carefully so that any post that can contradict your claim is not shared by them. 
  • Keep a close watch on photos that you are tagged in. If anytime you feel that any of the photos can be used against you immediately untag yourself. You can even ask the friend who has tagged you to delete the post right away.
  • Be careful when adding comments on a friend’s status or post. You never know that even a comment that sounds irritable towards another individual can be used against you in the trial. 
  • Although Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs are the most targeted by lawyers but you should also not forget about the rest of your social accounts. Are you on Linkedln, YouTube, MySpace, or Tumblr? If yes, then do consider to stay away from these as well. 
  • You should even take care of your status updates. Don’t get surprised but even a small smiley can be taken in the wrong way and misinterpreted. 
  • One of the default settings of Facebook allows people living in your nearby area or network to see your information or location even if you are not friends. Keep a check on this setting and change it instantly.
  • Do have open and active communication with an experienced lawyer in Los Angeles who would help you to deal with your personal injury claim.
  • Do ask your friends and family to remain silent regarding your injury and claim. It is quite important for others in your life not to share or post anything related to you.


  • Never make the mistake of posting any photograph of the injury that happened to you. You might have the temptation to post photos of your accident and injury and share them with friends and family. But you need to understand that social media would help the opposing party to connect with your family and friends which would not prove beneficial for your claim. Also, any picture can be used by the defense to prove you wrong. 
  • Don’t commit the mistake of posting any update of your claim. Also, do not post the status of the visit to the lawyer or any person associated with the claim. It goes without saying that you should never post any discussion with a lawyer or attorney related to the case.
  • Don’t do the blunder of making a contact with other parties connected with the case through social media. Remember that contact between parties would be through lawyers on each side.
  • Make sure that you do not accept any friend or follower request from an unknown person. You never know the opposing party might be trying to extract any information through your profile or finding evidence against you as well.
  • Don’t hide any information related to your injury and claim with your expert lawyer in Los Angeles. It is important as it is the lawyer who would help and guide you throughout the claim.

Final Words 

Now that you know that a small mistake on social media can be bad for your claim. So, never let that happen. All these best practices suggested above would definitely help you win your claim. Good luck!

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