Does Your Bore Pump Need Repair?

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Your bore pump can provide water to your home from a borehole, but if your pump isn’t working properly, that can limit your water supply or give you undrinkable water. Is your pump malfunctioning? Let’s look at what might be causing the issue and what you can do about it.

The Pump Operates, But There’s No Water…

If your pump is losing prime, and is trying to send water but none is getting to you, there could be any number of issues causing this problem. It could be due to a valve that is clogged with sand, or an air leak in the valve. There could also be some corrosion around the pump’s seals.

For most of these issues, it’s best to call for a bore repair specialist to get it sorted out. You want to have the issue fixed as quickly as possible without the risk of further damage to your bore pump.

How Can I Keep Sand Out?

If there is just a little bit of sand or other debris clogging the pump, you may be able to get that out yourself. You can also prevent the problem from occurring again by installing a bore water filter (see why here). This is installed on the outgoing feed pipe, and it ensures that particles don’t reach as far as the solenoid valves, or other components above ground, says

My Bore Pump Has No Water

You ought to be getting water from your borehole, but none is coming through. What could be causing that issue? The hole maybe deep enough, and the suction line could be placed properly in the water table, but you still might not be getting any water. That could be because the bore is experiencing a debris buildup of sand, iron oxide, or other particles. This will prevent the bore from replenishing the water supply as fast as it should.

The pump will be extracting water, but it will be doing it so quickly that the water level outside the pump can’t keep up, since it can’t make it through the built-up particles very quickly.

What Makes a Bore Collapse?

When a bore casing fills with sand or other debris and parts of the bore have corroded or collapsed inward, this is called a collapsed bore. This usually happens with old bores that have been in use for a very long time and not been properly maintained. Reboring and using a submersible pump is the way to go to fix this issue.

Get Help with Your Bore

If you’re in Perth, you should contact the best Bore Repair Perth has to offer. They can locate the problem with your bore and fix it quickly, saving you the effort of having to try to figure it out for yourself. Give them a call today.

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