Do Something Different This Year. How About Chartering a Boat with a Skipper?

Summer’s on its way which means it’s time to start thinking about vacations. But this year why not try something a little different and charter a boat instead?

Boat hire is a lot easier and cheaper than you might think and with so many destinations and boats to choose from there’s no reason not to give it a try. Whether you want high-end luxury or a high-octane sailing experience this summer, the perfect boat is out there waiting for you.

If you’ve never been on water before and don’t know your port from your starboard then don’t worry. It’s easy to charter a boat with a skipper and enjoy all the thrills of a boating holiday without any of the effort.

Types of charter boat


If speed is your thing, then motorboats are for you. Powered solely by engine, they vary in size from a two-seater leisure craft to larger, luxury cruisers with cabins for overnighting in.

Sailing yachts

The classic sailing yacht is an incredibly popular choice, with a variety of sizes to suit any family.


Built for speed, catamarans are more spacious and stable than yachts due to their twin hulls. They are a great choice for larger groups or those that love to sail.

Super yachts

Experience life as a multi-millionaire and charter your own super yacht. The ultimate in extravagance, these magnificent craft are built for luxury.


A type of traditional wooden sailing yacht native to Southwestern Turkey, Gulets are renowned for their unusual look. A leisure-oriented boat, they have roomy living areas and decks making it Ideal for both relaxation and entertainment.

If you want more information on destinations or boats available for charter then check out this link and start searching for your summer holiday of a lifetime.

Why you should charter a skippered boat this year


For many, a skippered boat charter tends to be more about the holiday than the sailing, a chance to unwind and relax. So having someone else at the helm enables you to make the most of everything a charter holiday has to offer.

Soak up the sun on deck, read a book and enjoy a drink while someone else takes the helm. With a skippered boat you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to sailing, allowing you to focus on having fun with friends or family.


A charter holiday allows you the freedom to plan your own holiday itinerary. Unlike holiday cruises or tours, you get to decide how to spend your time and having a skipper on board makes planning an itinerary even easier.

A skipper’s expert local knowledge ensures you maximise every minute of your vacation by providing suggested itineraries for each destination. But if you want to adapt them or have your own ideas – such as water sports, city visits or remote beaches – then just ask the skipper.

Skippers know all the best places to visit and more importantly the best time to go. So, if you want to see the finest sunset or visit the most beautiful secluded bays then having a skipper is a must.


Life on a boat is the ultimate in privacy, giving the seclusion that allows you to truly switch off and relax. No neighbours or noisy hotel guests and traffic, just the sound of the water gently lapping against your boat.

So, if busy beaches and tourist filled towns aren’t for you then a charter a skippered boat. Their local knowledge will sail you away from the crowds, to remote sandy beaches and beautiful bays.

The View

Open your hotel window every morning and the view is the same as the day before. On a boat if you step on deck or peek out of your porthole, a new, incredible view is guaranteed every time.

With a skipper on board who knows the area inside out, you can be certain you’ll be waking up to some of the best scenery around. But the best thing about life on board is that the view from your room changes throughout the day.

Family bonding

Sailing is a great way to create family memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They provide an experience quite unlike anything else and have enough activities to keep the most energetic family busy.

There’s snorkelling, swimming, diving, paddleboarding, water skiing and of course sailing. If that’s not enough you can head into shore and check out the mountain bikes or hire a jet ski. The options are endless.

When you need some down time, relax on deck together over dinner and watch the sun go down. Whatever you do, with a skipper at the helm you don’t have to worry about a thing, meaning you can spend more precious time with your family.

A vacation with a difference

Chartering a skippered boat is a perfect vacation for families, couples and friends. With so many destinations and boats on offer, it’s impossible not to find a holiday that’s right for you.

So, this year why not try something a little different and start making memories you’ll never forget.

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