DJI Mavic Mini Review – Tiny But Mighty Drone

DJI Mavic Mini Review

This is a tiny but marvelous innovation when it comes to this drones, as there are some amazing features packed into DJI Mavic Mini while being available at such an affordable price. This drone is for everyone and perfect for fun and daily photography.

Mavic Mini is a unique balance of affordability, value for money, quality, ease, and whatnot. It is very light in weight and design is completely foldable so you can just get it in the air without having to register it with FAA first. For such a sleek design, the image quality is better than ever. The video quality can’t be said to be 4K, but it tops out at 2.7K at 30fps. There isn’t any system for object tracking or avoidance, but such sleek and affordable drones can’t be found anywhere. It is extremely lightweight and can last up to 30 minutes in the air, and the most important thing is that it can fit in your jacket pocket because of a highly efficient yet small design.

Let’s have a look at some of the important parts and features of Mavic Mini.

1. Design 

Mavic Mini is the ultimate name for this drone, it collapses like the larger drones and has the arms that unfurl to transform it into a perfect yet sleek drone to be maneuvered in the air. The looks are really amazing, the color scheme is perfect featuring a gray and dark gray, and you can spot a pair of “eyes” in front under the angry-looking or beveled top side. All of which makes it a perfectly great looking drone.

The front features a 3 axis stable camera, and it’s shielded by camera guard if you are not flying it, you will have to remove the camera guard before flight. There is an SD card slot at the back and micro USB port for recharging it. At the back, you will also find a battery flap. The overall design is quite convenient and efficient.

2. Mavic Mini Controller

Unlike many other drones, Mavic Mini doesn’t feature a full inbuilt screen, but it does support your phone for the same purpose ensuring there is an efficient use of space and technology. The body of Mavic Mini has screw-on joysticks which deliver the traditional feel of the drone when using it. You can use the micro USB port for charging and connecting the drone to your phone, it supports all the phones with its USB port, so there are no compatibility issues of this drone with your phone. The Fly App that comes with this can be installed on any phone.

The jog dial of the controller is at the top, which pivots the camera to look through 90 degrees so it can look from forward to down. This range is typical for most drones, and there is an L trigger button that starts the video, and R trigger is for taking photos, you can operate it while wearing gloves.

You have to set up the cables for flying and start the app, the whole process is about a minute long, and the experience is quite compact. You will not face any pairing issues of the drone with your phone.

3. Camera

It shoots 2.7K video at 30fps or 1080p video at 60fps. It features a sensor that can capture 12MP images across various range of modes such as position mode for basic functioning, CineSmooth mode that lengthens the breaking time and slows things for smooth and cinematic footage and finally the Sports mode that can capture perfectly at high speed. Make sure you get a memory card for your drone.

The regular photo mode can get you some amazing high resolution aerial shots, and you can edit them later in your computer with simple and easy to use tools like Pilotpresets to give you photos more desirable look and certain effects.

4. Connections and Battery

It connects via Wi-Fi to the controller and transmits the live video directly to the controller that can be plugged into any phone and can engage with the app as well. Switching your phone to airplane mode can extend the range of flying. As there are many Wi-Fi in rushy areas, the range may be less, but if you are shooting in less built-up areas, a distance of 2.5 miles can be achieved with DJI’s Mavic Mini.

Final Words

This drone is indeed a work of art, and at such an affordable price, it exceeds expectations of users. The control is quite simple, the camera is excellent, and the imagery is quite stable too. DJI Mavic Mini is good for beginners or intermediates because of its highly exceptional results and great design. 

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