Discover How Repairs from Aquarius Home Services Save Money

Most homeowners understand how important it is to maintain their homes’ major systems, but many of those homeowners also see contacting maintenance experts as an expense. While it’s true that maintenance includes some expense, it’s also true that routine upkeep ultimately saves money. Some estimates suggest proper HVAC maintenance, for example, will reduce energy consumption by up to 35%. Over a year, that’s quite a significant savings.

What Types of Maintenance are needed?

Realistically, all homes need constant maintenance, but the home’s major systems generally require only periodic maintenance. Technicians often focus on a few major systems. Technicians providing repairs from Aquarius Home Services recommend routine maintenance for home HVAC systems to ensure they function as designed. Of course, other systems will also need maintenance, updates, or repairs from time to time, but every home’s heating and cooling components should be inspected and maintained to prevent unnecessary major repairs.

Understanding the Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance isn’t expensive, especially considering the cost of major repairs caused by neglect. However, there are a few significant benefits of scheduling furnace and AC repairs before significant issues develop. Here are just a few of the benefits your family can enjoy.

  • Realize Genuine Savings Every Month. The Twin Cities must endure weather extremes throughout the year. That means a home’s HVAC appliances are constantly stressed while trying to keep the residents comfortable. Getting through the winter’s coldest months in comfort also requires the heating system to function properly even on those sub-zero nights. Breakdowns are expensive, and emergency service calls are generally far more expensive than maintenance. Since properly serviced heating appliances are more efficient, they use less energy than equipment that hasn’t been maintained.
  • Reduce the Home’s Carbon Footprint. With the current emphasis on going green, property owners are always looking for ways to cut their use of non-renewable fossil fuels. Since correctly maintained heating systems use far less fuel, the stress placed on the planet’s resources is reduced. That’s good news for everybody.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. Technicians encourage property owners to keep the entire HVAC system clean. In many instances, that requires the owners to schedule duct cleaning from a reputable service provider. At the same time, the technician will discuss equipment property owners can have installed to improve the home’s indoor air quality. Improving indoor air quality is especially important in homes with one or more residents that suffer from some type or respiratory condition or other medical issues.
  • Increased Safety. Improperly maintained heating systems could be dangerous. Risks of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and poor air quality are all increased when maintenance is ignored. Home safety experts of all kinds encourage all property owners to consider the safety benefits enjoyed when a home’s HVAC system is routinely serviced. An Aquarius Home Services technician will gladly review your home’s heating and cooling systems and suggest maintenance or upgrades to enhance your home’s safety.

Of course, there are other benefits owners and their families can expect, depending on the type of heating and cooling systems in their homes. Service technicians are always willing to discuss what homeowners can expect from their current HVAC equipment and whether changes would be beneficial.

Discover What HVAC Maintenance Includes

Everyone wants to know what they’re getting in return for their money. In the case of HVAC maintenance, repairs, or updates, homeowners should have specific expectations when they contact Aquarius Home Services for help. Here are six expectations every homeowner should expect.

  • Twenty-Four-Hour Service. Furnaces generally have to work harder in the hours when most people are sleeping. That suggests there is a greater chance heating systems will fail late at night. Homeowners should be secure knowing their HVAC service provider will answer the phone even late at night. Whether you live in Edina or Woodbury, there should always be a technician available to repair a heating appliance.
  • Constant Communication. If it’s below zero and your furnace isn’t working, it’s important a heating repair expert keeps in touch so you’ll know when your heat will be restored. Techs should keep in touch and let you know when they’ll be arriving. If there is a delay, the tech should get in touch to let you know what’s going on.
  • Getting a Proper Diagnosis. The technician should always take the time to diagnose the issues with a heating system prior to making any repairs. That’s the only way they can know what will be needed to make the repairs. Even in instances when there may be more than one possible issue, the tech should inform the homeowner so there are no surprises later.
  • Having an Accurate Estimate. Estimates allow homeowners to understand the costs involved when repairs are needed. An accurate estimate also provides the information needed when deciding which repair or replacement option to select. Heating system maintenance should include specific services, and those services should be carefully explained.
  • All Repairs Must Be Completed Properly. All Aquarius Home Services technicians have the training necessary to complete any repairs your heating or cooling system requires. Whether it’s a gas furnace, ductless systems, or boiler, the tech has the tools and skills to complete the needed service.
  • Peace of Mind. The property owners are entitled to peace of mind knowing their furnace will work correctly after the technician leaves. The tech will always check the system to make sure all features are operating correctly prior to leaving a customer’s home.

While everyone is focusing on heating systems right now, it also pays to discuss air conditioning maintenance or upgrades with the service expert now. Even when the weather may not allow some types of AC repairs, the technician can provide advice and schedule future service to ensure the AC is ready to go for the next hot weather.

Need Advice?

If you’re unsure what services your heating system may need, take the time now to contact the Aquarius Home Services experts for advice now. While routine maintenance is always recommended, you may find the heating and cooling experts have some other great suggestions for saving money during the coming heating season.



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