Different Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Data

whatsapp data transfer

With the increasing use of WhatsApp, it is important to make sure that all your Whatsapp data will not loss when you transfer your device.

This article is designed to make it easy for everyone to create backup copies of their WhatsApp messages.

Part 1: How to make online backup of WhatsApp on Android

You can easily backup your WhatsApp messages with Android and also online in case of whatsapp transfer (see here). There are some things you need to know before you start with it though. At the beginning, what you need to have Google account.

You must also have Google Play services set up and activate on your mobie device and sufficient space on Google’s disk so that WhatsApp messages, including video, audio and image files can be saved. Once you are ready, simply follow the below steps to transfer whatsapp from iphone to iphone.

Step 1 – Start WhatsApp.

Step 2 – Go to the menu and settings button> calls and Chats> backup Chat.

Step 3 – Select the option ‘Go back to Google Drive’, choose the frequency of backup you want.

Step 4 – Press the ‘Backup’ button to start the backup of all data from WhatsApp to Google Drive.

Note – Depending on the number of WhatsApp messages and media files, this process may take a few minutes.


•             It is a simple method that requires only a few clicks to get the backup done.

•             You do not need any additional software to install.

•             Backup is easily accessible in case you change the device is already online.


•             It works mainly for Android devices.

•             It does not offer the option to choose the messages for backup.

Part 2: How to backup WhatsApp online on iPhone:

Creating a backup of all your WhatsApp conversations on the iPhone is easy and requires using iCloud. It can do both ways, through the backup manual or automatic and programmed backup.

In addition, for users of iOS 7, iPhone settings> iCloud> documents and data must be in and for iPhone users iOS 8 or later, settings> iCloud> iCloud in car should be ON. Once you have confirmed that the above are set and ready, you simply have to follow the steps below carefully to create the online WhatsApp backup for the iPhone.

Step 1 – Start WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2 – Go to settings> Chats> Backup Chat> and select the option ‘Now backup’.

Step 3 – If this step is not necessary, but if you desire to be capable to automatically backup your WhatsApp online, you can take benefit of the alternative of ‘Auto Backup’, and selecting the frequency of the backups.


•             No need for additional software.

•             It is an easy method to follow and use.


•             It is not the most reliable method for creating backup copies of your WhatsApp messages, iCloud is prone to cause problems later.

•             It gives you no control over what messages to back up.



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