Different Kinds of Bulk CBD Products

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Cannabidiol – short CBD – is a chemical that is found in the cannabis sativa plant and is also known by the name Cannabis or hemp. We all know how to smoke a joint with Cannabis, but throughout recent years, lots of studies have been done on the chemical itself. And turns out, it has a lot of health benefits. Because of this particular reason, CBD is the new supplement to add to for instance foods or oils. They all have 0% containment of the psychoactive substance of THC, meaning there won’t be an effect of being high or stoned – which makes CBD products safe for anyone. Do you need large quantities of CBD items? We’ll share with you some bulk CBD options!

Bulk oils

When selecting oils containing CBD, there are two options that you can choose from: Hemp oils and MCT oils. A specific kind of hemp oil is a combination of two cannabinoids, namely CBD and CBG. This oil, extracted from Cannabis Sativa L, is produced under the strictest food safety and quality conditions. And has it’s double benefits because it is a great combination of two sorts of cannabinoids. Oil helps you to fight dryness on your skin and to moisturize your pores. Next to that, it smells good too.

Soft gels

Soft gels containing CBD are like little pills. Only you do not swallow them, you place them under your tongue and they dissolve. Soft gels are still quite a new invention! Candropharm was the founder of the water-soluble CBD soft gel pills and they introduced this unique formulation at the beginning of 2017. CBD Soft Gels are created with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, along with other minor cannabinoids and naturally present terpenes. Water soluble CBD softgel contains 25 mg of cannabinoids per softgel and is designed to have optimum efficacy.

Are you interested in either one of these products? You can bulk buy them over here! Candropharm is the leading supplier of CBD products in Europe and they sell high quality CBD products that meet the highest quality standards and safety standards available. The store offers Hemp oils, water soluble oils and soft gels in bulk quantities for you and your company or family to enjoy Head over to their website to take a look and find more information!

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