DEPERLITE 101: How to Choose High-Quality Bed Sheets

How to Choose High-Quality Bed Sheets

Congratulations, after years of sleeping on an average bed sheet, you’ve decided to upgrade and get the sleep you deserve. No more switching sides 5,000 times a night. No more trying to get comfortable until you fall asleep. You’ll rest well knowing you’re doing something to change things⁠.

Now that you’re on your way to replacing some of your old bed sheets, let’s look at five key factors to consider when making your choice on new ones.


There are almost too many options here. Linen, cotton, tencel, flannel, silk, polyester, and rayon are just a few examples. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something to keep warm, we recommend tencel, Jersey knit cotton, and flannel. If you prefer durability to warmth, try Egyptian cotton, pima, and American Upland.

Single vs. Two-Ply

Most likely toilet paper comes to mind, and if so, you’re on the right track. This works similarly except backward. Two-ply sheets aren’t as tight and secure as single-ply sheets are, which makes them rougher and less durable. You’re better off with a single-ply if you’re looking to enjoy your sleep and not have to replace your sheet anytime soon.

Sheet Size

While this probably makes sense, you should pay attention to your mattress size. Other than the popular king, queen, and twin sizes, there are also other options like California king, twin XL, Olympic queen, and full. For these, you may need customized sheets for your mattress. So take a moment to look for a tape measure. It’d stink to waste money on expensive sheets that don’t fit.

Thread Count

Once upon a time, this mattered a lot. It still does but isn’t as great a testament to quality anymore. Although, higher thread counts are still important as they let you know the sheets are durable while retaining their softness, according to this article. Look for sheets above 300 to ensure that blend.

Back-Up Sheets

You don’t want to spend all your money on sheets that may lose their quality. You want something you can use in the meantime that will allow you to take care of your fancier and more elaborate set properly. Back up, sheets in between can do just that. You want something there for guests, friends, and family who stop by for a while. You don’t want your fancy sheets to only collect dust waiting until they’re used. You also don’t want them to get too quickly racked by young children who may experience accidents. Keeping this in mind can save you cash and save the material.


The better quality the sheets, the more expensive they’ll be. It makes sense, but considering everything, prices will range depending on size, quality, material, thread count, etc. Be prepared to face a variety of choices.

In the End …

After looking at all of these factors together, we must say that the bed sheets from DEPERLITE go above and beyond. Their sheets become softer when washed and last for decades when maintained properly. As a leading bedding manufacturer with experience going back over a hundred years and sheets specially made from goats’ wool, you can rely on their products to satisfy your needs and last a while. There’s no better choice.

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