Dating in Dubai – Important Rules You Need to Know

dating in Dubai

The dating rules of each and every country are not the same. When it comes to dating in Dubai, there are strict rules regarding all sorts of relations, which make it very uneasy to go for a relationship there. Although Dubai might be perfect from all other aspects, dating is not an easy thing to take up there. One might ultimately end up in jail and court for a relation. Although people are free to mix and talk to each other, forming a relationship outside marriage is considered to be very much illegal, under the Islamic law of the land. If found to be dating or in a relationship, chances are that one might also get displaced out of the country. Harsh enough right?

Things to consider before dating in Dubai

Since the affair of dating is not that easy in Dubai, one must take care of the following rules and conditions before opting for a relation:

  • Don’t forget your personality-

If one is thinking of dating a girl or a boy in Dubai, take a look at the personality and not the status of the individual. Usually, one gets rejected if he or she is unattractive and the chances of dating are completely ruined. If one finds the date to be boring, chances of rejection are very much positive. Therefore, one must keep up with the personality and not just concentrate on minor aspects of the individual.

  • You don’t need alcohol to impress someone-

Clubbing, partying and drinking alcohol are not allowed in Dubai. No date would ever start or end with alcohol. It is, therefore, better to stop doing all those things on a date before being caught. If one is really in the mood of partying, you can take your date to the hotel then.

  • Choosing the entertainer app-

If people in Dubai are interested in going on a date, then they usually download the entertainer app or can visit laflume directory. The apps lists all the things that are to be done and not to be done on a date. Plus, on booking a meal, you get one plus one free. In this way, the date gets impressed as well.

  • Keep a track of the cash-

Dating in Dubai can be pretty much expensive. If one is looking to impress the other, then he might take her to an expensive place like the Burj Al Arab. Most of the places in Dubai can cost a fortune just on a single date. Therefore, the expenses might be kept in check always. If one feels the need to spend some good amount of money on the first date, then go for a yacht ride or a desert safari. This would make the moment special as well.

  • Never focus on the public display of affection-

One of the major points to consider while dating in Dubai is that one should never kiss in public. Showing affection to the other in front of the whole crowd is considered to be illegal and disrespectful. One is, therefore, violating the rules of the Islamic law as well. Therefore, never dare to kiss your date while in Dubai.

  • Be creative in showing affection-

Dubai has lots in store for all. You can take your date to a place not visited before. Be creative and be unique. This would make a better impression of the individual as well. One can get close to their partner in various ways and one must find the appropriate one through their own ways.

Therefore, one must keep in mind these rules to safely date in Dubai.



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