Custom Feather Flags – Cheap Advertising That Delivers Results

Feathered Flag

Owning or managing a retail location takes a certain amount of expertise in a variety of skills. One of these skills is developing a strategy for drawing attention and customers to your location. Several approaches can be taken. There are more traditional methods using the media, like print, or broadcast, or newer methods like social media, and online search. These methods are effective in their own right, but can be costly and may require a lot of work or the hiring of an expert. This article will look at an option that requires minimal effort and cost but delivers almost instant results. This option would be the use of customized feather flags for cheap advertising.

If your business location is in a high traffic area, there is a good chance that you are surrounded by businesses trying to get noticed. When you have this much competition vying for the attention of everyone passing by, you need a little something extra to make your business stand out.  Feather Banners can be just the thing to make your business stand out among the “Trees.”

These free-standing banner flags are usually tall, brightly colored, and displayed along a roadside or in front of a business. There is little doubt as to how effective they can be for drawing the attention of passing traffic. The best feature of these banner flags is the fact that in most cases they cost less than a dollar a day to advertise your business 27/7.  The attention they draw to your business alone is a big reason to make them part of your advertising game plan. They also offer a multitude of other benefits that add to the super value they already provide. 

Brand Awareness Custom Feather Banners can be an excellent tool for building brand awareness. Building a brand is an essential aspect of long-term growth and success of any business. Custom flag designs that use your business colors, logo, and product or service, will create familiarity. This makes feather banners are an extremely cheap way to expand your brand awareness.

Make your specials or sales events even more spectacular– In many municipal areas, the use of advertising flags is regulated. In most cases, a permit is required for using them for a specified period of time. Some would see this limitation as a disadvantage, but in fact, this can make even more special because people do not see the flags every day. Using feather banners to draw attention to a particular sale or announcement is just another way these banner flags can help your business.

Can Increase Effectiveness of Onsite Signage– As a business owner or manager, you are probably aware of how expensive onsite signage can be. The attention a banner flag will draw can increase the overall effectiveness and value of your existing onsite signage.  

Display Versatility – Unlike Stock Flags that are printed on one side with generalized services and products, custom Feather banners can be double sided. This allows the versatility of displaying a different design on each side. A double sided banner flag also allows more detailed information to be put on the feather banner, making them practical for indoor promotion.

Here is a quick checklist of things to remember when ordering custom banner flags –

1)    Be sure to check local regulations to see if you will need to purchase a permit.

2)    When designing your custom feather banners, use your business’s color scheme, as well as your logo. Be sure to have at least one design advertising your product or service.

3)    Establish the primary goal of the flag, do not try to include too much information for roadside banners. You will need to decide whether you need a single or double sided feather flag for your application.

As you can see, Custom Feather Flags offer a wide range of benefits at minimal cost when compared to other forms of advertising. Banner Flags cannot replace every advertising tool, but when used in conjunction with other methods, the results are undeniable. So, if you are in need of inexpensive advertising with a multitude of benefits, look no further than custom feather flags.

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