Create Exclusive Travel Reels With Ease

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With travel vlogging exploding in popularity, digital globe trotters must stay at the cutting edge of audience-growth strategies. One fantastic way to do that – if not the best – is to fancy up their Instagram grids with reels. These short clips can be super attention-grabbing and skyrocket follower counts, but only if made the right way.

Increase Engagement With Brilliantly-Edited Travel Reels

Since their appearance in 2020, Instagram reels have been a significant source of entertainment. Travel vloggers, old and new, quickly noticed that. Many joined the trend of highlighting picturesque destinations using this feature, treating their online supporters to cream-of-the-crop moments of their journeys. Overnight, people worldwide became obsessed with time-lapse videos of enthralling landscapes and colorful trip snaps.

Of course, not all clips gained massive success. However, the ones that did had one thing in common: they were well-edited. Let’s face it – tacky videos with bland thumbnails and unsuitable audio tracks won’t go viral! That’s why every sightseer who documents and shares their trips online should consider hiring a reel editor. Read on to understand how to create great travel reels with the help of such a professional.

Create Exciting Reels Worth Sharing and Saving

To stand out, your digital travel scrapbook must be magnetic. Your followers and casual viewers should be itching to share or save your content! Because of that, the short videos you post on Instagram must revolve around novelty. The best way to do this is to let people indulge in your take on places.

Letting others see the world through your eyes helps them experience it in a new way. However, curating your content can be challenging, especially when making travel-related reels. Travel vloggers often want to record every monument and venue they spot, and their clip jumbles become chaotic!

Luckily, good reel editors have an objective, professional outlook on how to compile short, Instagram-friendly videos best. With their help, your mini vlogs’ entertainment and informative values will go through the roof, allowing your voyage opus to get the attention it deserves.

Keep Up With the Latest Reel Trends

Many travel vloggers can be consumed by wanderlust, but only some are talented educators of worldly wonders. After all, not everyone is skilled at storytelling! For digital nomads, talking about a trip means going the extra mile. Not only do they need to spin a yarn about their pursuits but also wisely use technology to commercialize their experiences!

Getting people hooked on your travel reels has a lot to do with keeping up with the latest photo and video trends. For instance, still and panned shots are dated, but on-fleek voiceovers and intriguing text overlays are not! Regarding the latter, additional info that might overcrowd your clips should go in the captions section.

For many bloggers, all of this sounds like too much to do, especially since there’s always a pending trip in their schedules. Because of that, they leave the clip tailoring to reliable companies that offer reel editing services. This way, they can focus on what truly matters – capturing scroll-stopping pics and videos for their new posts!

Include a Call to Action and Hashtags In Your Clip, and Pick an Awesome Reel Cover

Social media is all about the beauty of engaging with people and discovering the world by scrolling. This is something that all digital voyagers need to consider when building their flamboyant travel collage online. In this case, doing social media correctly means including a call to action and location-based hashtags in your reel before publishing it.

Once your mini vlog is all done, you’ll need a suitable reel cover to give your audience a glimpse of its content. In theory, you could pick whatever picture you have available digitally for your Insta clip’s thumbnail. However, the one that best hints at its topic – usually, that’s a catchy photo snippet of the video – will generate the most views.

Although you could go with raw, unedited images for your vlogs, it’s the polished and layered ones that pop the most. This is reason enough to ask an experienced editor to create your thumbnails. While making a basic cutout or two is easy, you’ll need someone with design skills to raise your reel cover game.

Unlock the Power of Travel Reels!

Our reel-creating tips can help you scrape together excellent short-form travel videos easily! Reels can be a complete game changer for your travel account’s popularity, especially if you share your content when people most engage with it. Therefore, start posting more of them and see your audience grow!

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