Cost of Tuition in Singapore- Is it Worth It?

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Education is the key to any nation’s success and the Singaporeans take this quote very seriously. And tuition centers are an important part of the education system of any country. Students from all age groups and grades sign up for them in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. This should explain why Singapore is a country with an exceptionally high literacy rate.

The tuition centers offer the extra guidance most students need to prepare for and do well in their exams. They are especially very helpful for students of higher classes. Those enrolled in tough academic programs like O and A levels or IB can get extra help from them as well.

Cost of Tuition in Singapore

Some parents take tuition centers as a mode of improving their child’s grades while some others believe them to be the necessary option for making their kids more competitive. This is why tuition centers are the most in-demand in Singaporean society. This also explains the rising tuition fees in the country. Education is probably one of the most expensive and yet the most sought-after things in Singapore.

In Singapore, if you are looking for H2 economics tuition in Singapore or tutoring lessons for any other subject, there are two options for you to choose from, i.e., tuition centers or private tutors.

Tuition centers:

Tuition centers offer an in-class environment. It’s not much different from a school, college, or university in terms of class structure and mode of tutoring. The class size, however, is smaller than that of other academic institutions. This allows the teacher to pay attention to the learning needs of the students on both the individual and aggregate levels.

The cost of tuition centers in Singapore varies based on the grade you’re in. The primary school level costs approximately 30$ per hour and the fee for the secondary school level subjects is around 40$ per hour while junior college students have to pay up to 55$ per hour. In addition to this, tuitions for tougher subjects like mathematics, science, and economics, etc., are even more expensive than other subjects.

Private tutor:

Privation is the second option for you if you want a personalized learning plan for yourself instead of a standardized one. However, there’s one downside to it, i.e., the rates charged by private tutors vary based on their experience, qualification, expertise, and reputation in the tutoring circles.

On average, private tutoring will cost you around 40$ to 70$ per hour for the primary school level, 55$ to 70$ per hour for the secondary school level, and 80$ to 120$ per hour for the junior college level. Hence, if you’re looking to hire the best tutor, prepare yourself for paying a pretty high tuition fee.  

By now, you must have an idea of whether you want to sign up with a tuition center or hire a tutor. However, if you are wondering which one would be the right option for you, here’s what we have to say.

Tuition Center Versus Private Tuition – Which one to choose?

When it comes to cost and affordability, tuition centers are the best option since their tuition rations don’t fluctuate that much. While highly-reputed and popular tuition centers could cost you more than an average coaching center would, it still would be cheaper than a highly qualified private tutor. One of the main reasons lies in the fact that a private tutor usually has to come to your place to give tuition. Hence, their traveling expenses must also be covered in the fee.

Another point that comes into play here is the fact that a tutor at a coaching center might only be required to take two or three classes of students while a private tutor teaches every student separately which, in turn, results in huge traveling expenses in addition to long and exhausting tutoring sessions.

On the other hand, tuition centers do require a one-time registration fee ranging between 40$ and 80$. Some of the high-profile coaching centers would even go as far as to demand a security deposit of around 80$ to 120$. Moreover, despite the small-sized classes, the tutor in a tuition center cannot offer a personalized learning plan to every student.


In the end, whether you should go for a tuition center or a private tutor depends a lot on your affordability, learning needs, academic challenges, and comfortability. If you’re someone who needs a tutor’s undivided attention to understand the subject and have the financial resources to afford one, then this is the right choice for you. However, if you thrive in group study and prefer standardized in-class tutoring, then signing up for a renowned and reliable tuition center will be the best option for you.

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