Convert Any Bicycle Into An E-Bike: Quick Guide Explains the Easiest Way to Convert Your Bike into an Electric Bike

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Electric bicycle modifications are becoming increasingly popular, owing to the many advantages over traditional pedal bikes. In this post, we’ll go through what an electric bike conversion kit is, how it functions, and how to convert your bike to electric.

What are e-bike conversion kits?

The majority of regular bicycles can be converted to an electric bike. The high-end racing bikes with thru-axle forks are the only ones that cannot be converted. To become an electric bike, you’ll need to replace one or more conventional wheels. Conversion kit vendors sell kits that include a battery, motors, LCD displays, and batteries as well as other wires or accessories.

Types of e-bike conversion kits

Electric bike conversion kits come in a few different types:

  • Mid-drive Conversion Kits.
  • Friction Drive Kits.
  • Rear Hub Motor Conversion Kits.
  • Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kits.

We’ll bring attention to the easy install front-wheel motorised e-bike conversion kits for the easiest solution.

Easy Fit Ebike Kits: Electric Front Wheels

The most popular electric bike conversion kits are, without a doubt, the ones that convert bicycles to electric by swapping your front wheel. These kits include a front-wheel hub motor and a couple more components to convert your bike to electric.

Easy Fit eBike Kits

There are front motor kits that take the word “easy” to a whole new level. They only require three items – an electric wheel, a battery, and a battery holder – to simplify installation considerably.

The integrated magnetic sensors in the easi-fit hub motor kits detect when your converted e-bike is going. The data collected by the hub motor is transmitted to an intelligent controller and power assistance is adjusted instantly. The performance of these bikes is far better than what you’d expect from an electric bike. This makes riding your new electric bike seem effortless.

How easy is it to install these kits?

Installing an electric bike conversion kit is simple. You will only need a few tools. If you are converting your current bike to electric:

  1. Remove the front wheel from your electric bike and replace it with the electric wheel that came in the bike kit.
  2. Put the electric battery into its holder on the bike frame. Make sure it is in the right place and fits correctly. Electric batteries are not interchangeable, so be careful!
  3. Attach the bicycle battery mounting bracket.
  4. Connect the electric motor to the bike battery – one cable provided is all that you need.
  5. Download the app and calibrate your electric bike wheel.

You are now ready to ride your electric bike! Make sure to follow all the safety instructions provided to you. Be sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding. Have fun and be safe!

Summary: How to convert your bike to electric

Converting your own bike to electric is a great way to get started with e-biking, and it’s easier than you might think. At, we have everything you need to make the conversion, from kits and parts to advice and support. We also have a wide range of electric bikes for sale, so you can find the perfect model for your needs. Visit our website today to learn more about electric bikes and conversion kits. We look forward to helping you get started on your e-bike journey!

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