Common Causes of Car Crashes During Travel

Car accidents on highways and roadways are all too common. They can result in severe personal injuries and, worse still, fatalities. Nowadays, it’s common to spot accident victims in courtrooms negotiating for a settlement after incurring serious injuries from car crashes. However, such cases are complex and time-consuming, and you need a personal injury lawyer to guide you.

What are the common causes of car accidents?

1. Drunk driving

Drunk drivers make up many of these serious accidents. Intoxication can cause drowsiness and loss of attention while driving. It slows drivers’ reaction times which can cause accidents. Drunk driving is punishable by law, and you can face years in prison if found guilty of an accidental death while intoxicated.

2. Driver behavior

Driver behavior affects your safety and that of other road users. These common behaviors that can lead to accidents include speeding, carelessness, and disregarding traffic rules. It’s common to spot drivers changing lanes recklessly or tailgating other vehicles. For this reason, most governments have stringent regulations to control the menace and hold erratic drivers accountable.

3. Poor road topography

 The road condition plays a significant role when driving. You have a higher likelihood of an accident while driving on mountainous or rugged terrains. Again, poor road design and poor weather hinder smooth traffic. Poor weather can affect a driver’s visibility, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident.

 4. Vehicle malfunctioning

Poorly maintained vehicles pose a significant risk on our roads. For this reason, governments expect manufacturers to abide by strict regulations and safety rules before releasing cars. Different auto issues can lead to accidents. These include faulty brakes, steering failures, and tire failures and are common causes of auto accidents. It’s then critical to inspect your vehicle regularly and ensure that all parts are functional before hitting the road.

Why engage a personal injury attorney after being involved in a car accident?

 Car accidents can often lead to multiple injuries. These can be emotional, minor, and severe, and it’s essential to seek prompt medical help after the accident. Common injuries include burns, broken bones, back & neck injuries, lacerations, etc. The signs may take months to exhibit but may resurface later. Once you get examined by a doctor, contact your attorney. The professional will determine if you qualify to file a personal injury claim. They will also help you file a lawsuit to hold the responsible party liable.

 What other roles will the attorney play?

 A personal injury attorney plays multiple roles in personal injury cases. The professional will advise and guide you in the entire process. Also, they will represent you and help with documentation. The attorney will inform you of your rights and educate you on what to avoid during the claim process.

 Wrapping up

There are various causes of accidents, but many can be avoided. If you get involved in a car crash, seek prompt medical help, and consult a personal injury attorney as soon as physically possible. They will fight for your rights and help you get the best outcome out of your case and many work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay unless you win.  

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