Cold Work Tool Steel AISI D2


One of the most valuable alloys we have today is steel. It is an alloy formed from Iron and Carbon. Over the years, steel has been used in a whole host of different industries and has a multitude of uses. It can be used in different ways because of the unique properties that allow craftsmen and welders to work with it.

There are many designation grades of steel. In this post, we will focus on the AISI D2 designation grade.

Some of the features that have made the AISI D2 steel designation very popular are as follows…

High Abrasion Resistance

Products made from 1.2379 tool alloy steel last for a lifetime because it has a high resistance to abrasion, which can increase the lifespan of the product.

Abrasion is the process of degradation during which the surface of a material undergoes wear.

AISI D2 Steel is resistant to abrasion because of its high carbon content. The carbon compounds that form the steel alloy make the resulting material hard and very tough.

Also, chromium compounds found in the steel make it a stronger alloy suitable for many different uses.

AISI D2 Steel is Stable

Another reason this steel grade is ideal for the production of different products is because of its stability, which is due to its chemical composition.

When we measure the dimensional stability of steel, it is important to consider the factors that make the material less prone to scratches and degradation.

Other features of the AISI D2 steel designation that makes it a favourite in the market include;

Electrical resistivity (3.15 μΩ*m), Density (7.60g/cm3), Specific heat capacity (460 J/kg*K), Linear expansion coefficient (10.00 (10^6)/℃), and it has a melting temperature of 1560℃.

Products Created with the Cold Work Steel AISI D2 designation

The 1.2379 tool alloy steel designation is predominantly used for the creation of steel bars.

Steel Bars

The AISI D2 steel designation product is commonly used to create different types of steel bars.

For example, it is used in the manufacturing of round bars and square bars. Also, steelworkers have found ways to make perfect flat bars with the AISI D2 steel designation.

Forged Bars

The AISI D2 steel designation is also perfect for the production of forged bars. The works produced in this regard are possible because of the features such as abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

Sheets and Cut Plates

The steel industry has witnessed an increasing demand for steel sheets and cut plates over the years. One of the best steel designations that can be used to make these steel products is the AISI D2 steel grade.

It is expected that in the coming years, the demand for the AISI D2 steel grade will rise because of its quality and versatility.

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