Closer to the One-Year Anniversary of the Salmonella Bird Die-Off, This New Bird Feeder Delivers a Promising Solution to its Root Cause 

We are nearing the one-year anniversary of the tragic Salmonella bird die-off from last Winter, where thousands of birds perished across the country, and experts said that bird feeders could be spreading the disease. The bigger problem is the fact that Salmonella germs can spread from birds, to pets, and to people. Epidemiologic data from last year revealed that as of May 28, 2021, a total of 29 people from 12 states got infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium

But did you know that nature lovers now have a solution to collectively control the Salmonella outbreak? Clearview Deluxe, a bird feeder company that recently launched the Window Bird Feeder has conducted a Perch study for bird health to quantifiably determine the difference standard window feeders and their Perch designs can have on birds’ well-being. This study is relevant because of a lot of reasons, the primary one being the worrying results from the investigations of the Salmonella outbreak last year. Apparently, the State and local public health officials interviewed people about the animals they had contact with, in the week before they got sick. Surprisingly, of the 21 people interviewed, 13 (62%) reported owning a bird feeder, and 4 (19%) people reported contact with a sick or dead wild bird. Fifteen people had pets that had access to or contact with wild birds.

While ensuring basic hygiene is a must to prevent further cases, the C.D.C. recommends cleaning bird feeders and bird baths once a week or when they are dirty. Fortunately, bird lovers now have a smarter alternative as ClearView Deluxe’s Window Bird Feeder can help save hundreds and thousands of birds through a better, healthier, and cleaner design. The recent Perch study explains exactly how. 

The Problem?

Poorly maintained bird feeders and bird baths are strongly suspected as the primary culprits for the spread of the disease, as birds congregate at these high-traffic areas and infect others.

This happens because these areas are contaminated, and when the other birds step on their own or another bird’s feces, they pass on the disease to other birds. Sadly, many die within a day or two of being infected. The Perch study establishes that the worst case of contamination is for birds to step in the feed as each of these contamination occurrences means the potential of a direct “disease spreading event” to other birds. 

The Study

The innovative design of the Window Bird Viewer by Clearview Deluxe ensures to always keep the birds on the Perch, in turn cutting down the chances of contamination. As part of the study, a leading bird feeder with a standard design was placed alongside the Window Bird Feeder by ClearView Deluxe and stocked with the same feed (Cole’s Special Feeder™ premium seed). The results were astonishing. 

A total of 309 observations/visits were recorded via two motion detection cameras – Wyze 2

where every feeding observation was reviewed in its entirety to determine the birds’ Perch behavior. There were three alternative outcomes for each feeding event – On Perch, Mid-bar (separates the feed compartments), and In Seed. During the visit, if at any time the bird jumped into the seed it was counted as an “In Seed” observation. 

It was later observed that Birds stayed on the Perch of ClearView Deluxe over 90% of the time and jumped directly in the seed for less than 10% of the total recorder observations. While on the other hand, less than 40% of Birds stayed on the Perch of the competing feeder and jumped in the seed more than 40% of the time. The end results reveal that there is an 86% reduction in birds jumping in the seed with ClearView and that also means an equivalent reduction in the possibility of contamination. 

ClearView Deluxe’s Window Bird Feeder is the first-of-its-kind window mount feeder that provides three layers of protection. Giving bird lovers a healthier option, the product is super easy to clean and can be disinfected by integrating the Perch with the removable tray. Additionally, users can also opt for the dishwasher safe for easier cleaning instead of disinfecting with bleach, which is messy. This is truly a game-changer. Secondly, the product provides a clean, sanitary water source to birds by physically separating the seed from the water, unlike other bird feeders. 

What’s more- The Window Bird Viewer keeps the birds on the Perch because of its special design that is low and close to the feed and well-textured to ensure an easy grip for birds. Not just this, the revolutionary product has now completed the 4th level of protection for birds with an Antimicrobial that keeps the feeder cleaner between cleanings. Interestingly, ClearView Deluxe also makes for a great gift for Nature Lovers who love to enjoy a close-up view of their favorite songbirds as all the other existing bird feeders have suction cups that come in the way of viewing the birds!

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