Choosing the Right Sleeve For Your Laptop

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The design of the laptop allows it to be used in a wide variety of situations, often outside your home or office. Carrying such a mobile computer in your hands or under your arm is not only uncomfortable, but also fraught with consequences due to its accidental fall or other troubles.

Also, the capabilities of any laptop can be expanded with additional devices (mouse, optical drive, external hard drive, memory cards, etc.), which are also important to keep somewhere when carrying the computer. Various sizes of laptop cases will help you to solve all these problems. When your looking for a lot of design option than you should check the webshop

Sleeve Size: What You Need to Know Before Buying

The sleeve should be chosen, first of all, by measuring the size of the laptop itself. As a rule, price tags in computer stores indicate the size of laptop screens in inches, but it is not always correct to be guided only by this value. The fact is that laptops differ not only in screen size, but also in case parameters. For example, modern ultrabooks are two times thinner than standard laptops, and the width of the case of different models may differ by 1-3 cm, even from the same manufacturer.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is enough to measure the parameters of your computer and correlate them with the real dimensions of the sleeve. As a rule, in online stores, sellers detail the length, width and thickness of the product. If you are going to buy an accessory from a nearby mall, bring a measuring tape with you. You can also go to the Sleevy webshop.

Folder, Bag or Briefcase: Which Should You Choose to Carry Your Laptop?

A standard laptop sleeve is designed as a regular folder with small handle. The advantages of this type of covers are compact – they practically do not increase the dimensions of the laptop, they look neat and do not take up much space. Choose a folder type sleeve, when you like to walk with various handbags over your shoulder, but do not forget that the absence of a long handle on the case will “deprive” you of one hand.

Do not even hesitate to purchase a folder type sleeve if you travel by your car and do not need a charger during the day. Also, compact sleeves are ideal for long trips during which the computer has to be in the suitcase – the folder will not increase its size, but will protect it from damage.

A more functional laptop sleeve is the shoulder bag. In addition to the fact that in this look of the cover you can almost always find a place for a mouse and other important little things, the belt frees your hands and increases your comfort while walking and moving in public transport.

For businessmen, whose appearance must match the strict office environment, it is recommended to choose a laptop sleeve in the form of a briefcase. However, do not forget that even in a formal suit you may need free hands, so look for models with a detachable strap that allows you to carry a briefcase over your shoulder.

If you prefer a sporty style and travel by bike, pay attention to backpacks. This fashionable and comfortable style has already been appreciated by young people for whom fashion always goes hand in hand with convenience.

Different Materials of Laptop Sleeves

The material from which the laptop sleeve is made must be strong, waterproof, and resist deformation (sleeves made of soft materials are often equipped with a metal or plastic frame).

Synthetic materials (polyester, nylon, neoprene, polyurethane) are cheap, lightweight, elastic, durable and practical, but do not protect the device from shocks very well. This is a good option for everyday use. Plastic (EVA) – shock and moisture resistant, lightweight, has a variety of colors. The downside is the simplicity of design and shape.

Genuine leather is very attractive in appearance, while it is moisture resistant, breathable, and in combination with reinforcing elements, it resists mechanical stress well. In winter, the skin retains heat, which prevents rapid battery discharge. Due to the “breathable” qualities of the leather, the screen of the device does not fog up. Disadvantages: high cost, massiveness, susceptibility to deformation. A leather bag is an expensive accessory that emphasizes the high status of the owner.



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