Can Pearlescent Pigment Be Used in Food?


Pearlescent pigments can create all sorts of impressive results. And the beauty of using pearl pigment powder is that it can be added to food, too. If you ever wondered what the secret of that cake decoration pearl color was, well, this is the answer. The pearlescent pigment is thoroughly tested and approved by the FDA, which means it can be used for all sorts of foods, including for candy pearl, gum pearl, beverages pearl, or chocolate pearl.

What is Pearlescent Pigment for Food?

Food-grade pearlescent pigments offer the visual effect that makes any type of sweet dish appealing. Moreover, when used in the bakery, it provides a sense of uniqueness to any product served. Pearl pigment powder (see here) has a sheet-like structure, which makes it heat resistant and unreactive to water. 

Why Use Pearl Pigment For Food Purposes?

There are several reasons why you should use pearlescent pigment powder to decorate distinct foods. Mostly, it boosts the visual effect and creates a one of a kind appearance. Besides, a pearl pigment can:

  • Boost your brand’s image and attract new customers, due to the unique visual setting;
  • Bring unequaled visual and taste feast; a pearl pigment can be added safely to all sorts of bakery goods, ranging from cake decoration pearl and ending up with chocolate pearl;
  • Offer exquisite colors and finish to any dish; a pearlescent pigment comes with a wide range of colors, all of which seem distinct depending on how light falls on the product.

Can Pearlescent Pigment Be Used Safely in Food?

So, if you want to use pearl pigment for food, you will have to consider the following. First of all, it is essential to choose a pearl pigment manufacturer that has a certificate that guarantees the pigment is edible. Being compliant with GMP standards is a must, as it reveals that the product complies with safety regulations. Also, the pearl pigment properties and characteristics are essential. The edible pearl pigment is made of superior natural mica substrate and several other coating layers. 

Where to Purchase Edible Pearlescent Powder?

If you are looking for a professional pearlescent powder manufacturer, you should consider the products offered by Yortay. They address the issue of whether or not can pearlescent pigment be used in food. Yortay pearlescent powder has newly developed food-grade pearlescent powder. They collaborate closely with several European and customers, while they meet the standards of any safety regulation concerning food. The quality of Yortay’s pearlescent powder is guaranteed, while several customer testimonials support their claims. 

We quite love the Gold Luster Series of peal powder available at Yortay. It is a type of food additive consisting of an edible pearl pigment meant to better the appearance of foods. Most commonly, these pearlescent pigments are used for food decoration, beverages, pharmacy, or cosmetics. When used with food, the pearl powder offers a lot of aesthetic appeals, as the color is an essential sensory index of food. 

Also, Yortay offers to its customers this qualitative food grade pearl pigment, that provides the following advantages when compared to basic pearl pigment:

  • A high level of purity;
  • Increased stability, as it can face up to 600 degrees;
  • Easy to disperse;
  • Low high metal content;
  • Non-allergic reactions as side effects.

Of course, their range is cost-effective, making them one of the best edible pearl powder manufacturers today. You can start using today this type of food coloring for coating, candy, cakes, or soft drinks. We are quite confident your customers will enjoy it. 

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