Buying Replica Bags for the First Time?

Are you contemplating moving on to “the dark side” (metaphorically speaking, of course) and buying an authentic replica bag? First of all we would like to welcome you to the world of replica handbags. There are many misconceptions that need to be dispelled both regarding the quality and buying procedures for replicas, whether it’s watches, shoes, bags, and so on. This is a welcome-to-the-replica-bag-world guide for you! Have fun, and we hope it will help you with the initial purchase of an imitation item (whether it’s a handbag or shoe, watch or any other item).

The appeal of designer items is just too strong to resist, especially if you’re a fashion-conscious person!

What kind of brand should I select?

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to deciding what handbag to purchase a replica of. There are high replicas that are of high quality for each brand of handbag. The negative is that not every model from every brand will be offered in replica form at any time, even a decent replica! Therefore, be cautious when choosing which bag to purchase replicas of a best rule of thumb that you should be always mindful of how popular the model bag is! We all see Cara Delavigne, Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo, the Kardashians, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie or any other blogger or model sporting the same designer bag, such as one of the Celine tote for luggage. The Celine bag is well known, so factories adhere to the old demand/supply principle and make better replicas of the bag, in comparison to the Fendi Baguette, which is not so popular. Therefore, when you are looking for a replica, set an eye on the renowned model, as these tend to be better made as opposed to less well-known bags.

It is a great way to determine which bag to purchase, fake or the ones you can buy as authentic. The models that are less popular tend to be better authentic to preserve the elegance of the original style. On the other hand, we never suggest purchasing authentic bags, as replicas are so beautiful and you would end up in the wrong place with your money.

Do replicas really have to be that great?

The glances you get – yes, you’re aware of what I’m talking about. Those negative glances that create the impression like “oh that is a fake; she can’t afford that; who is she kidding” from strangers is every replica buyer’s nightmare. When you’re a novice to purchasing replica handbags, your concerns and thoughts multiply tenfold. Dearest, after years of saving money, and accumulating a large collection of shoddy, good quality, great, and top replicas of designer bags, we believe it’s safe to say that your concerns are valid based on the place you purchase. That’s the truth. Some replica stores offer cheap imitation bags, whereas others sell bags that cannot be distinguished from the original without authenticating numbers, and rulers are included. These are the kind of replicas we prefer to purchase.

You must have many close friends who are stylish, you have been exposed to plenty of designer products, so your eyes are a little more refined than the typical Joe and you will be able to tell that the growing quality of replica handbags continues to delight you as they’re getting pretty good regardless of the place you shop, of course!

Which one should I purchase first?

If this is your first venture into the murky, yet stunning world of replicas, we suggest that you opt to a smaller item, like a wallet from a 레플리카 사이트. It is a cheap and easy method to get a feel for the seller you’re considering purchasing from. You can see a sample of their leather’s quality, stitching, the placement of logos, their accuracy, and so on. Without spending a lot. After you have received an initial order, you will be able to decide for yourself and determine whether the vendor is worthy of additional time or money. Then, decide on the quality of their products!

What qualities should I look for?

Handbags that are replicas are just like other knockoffs, in that every knockoff is not the same. There’s the good, bad, and of course the bad. There are many A’s and +’s to consider in the search for replicas on the internet and it’s difficult to discern what the seller is trying to sell. However, after years of dealing with Chinese sellers, you must have some understanding of their brands.

This is the grade of quality according to our experience:


A typical copy of the market. The quality is decent and, based on our experience, is enough to deceive many. However, it lacks the lux-like feeling of the original copies you purchase from the major brands.


The AAAAA is identical to 1:1.

One To One:

The One to One is same as counter quality.

Original Leather:

This has the exact same characteristics as the counter-quality.

Counter Quality:

“Good stuff” as one might say when discussing drugs. Counter quality replicas are the kind of thing that Chinese sellers call the best replicas because they’re believed to be of sufficient quality to be put in the counter of an authentic shop. This is a reflection of both the craftsmanship and the quality of leather.

After reading this list, we are sure that you’ve reached the same conclusion that there are too many labels to describe the identical item! It’s generally a good idea to inquire from the seller about what their standard is for the letter “A” to get an accurate idea of the level of quality.

Another thing to keep in mind, particularly if it’s your first time purchasing replicas, is that a lot and even the majority of sellers make up their claims about the quality of their products. This really hurts buyers since they buy with their honest hearts and is always a nightmare to be duped. That’s where reviews are crucial, and the process of trial and error is an integral role in this. However, once you have found a reliable source like Nicemall, it’s recommended to stay with them and build relationships to ensure you get only the best products! The more comfortable you are with them, the greater attention they will give to your order!

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