Buying Bitcoin for Euro: A Step-by-Step Guide

euro to bitcoin conversion

Did you know it is not as hard to buy crypto as it may seem, nor as risky as trying to get it from untrusted people on the Internet? Moreover, you don’t need bitcoin ATMs and private-owned exchangers with their win-loss rates. Recently, I’ve found a great way to buy crypto: Polyx. Polyx website ( allows you to easily buy bitcoins at any time. The UI there is so intuitive that it will be clear to anyone who has ever purchased anything in online stores. However, if you are a total beginner (you may find this guide useful) or want to train someone inexperienced, you will find my guide beneficial.

Step 1: First Click

On the main page of, click ‘Buy Bitcoin Now’. You will see a window where you will have to choose the payment method (Visa/MasterCard) and amount. Having entered the amount in ‘Send’, you will see the number of coins you will receive in ‘Receive’. Fees and limits will appear underneath those fields. All the transactions are based on the instant BTC/EUR rate. In my opinion, the market rate is the safest way to get bitcoins by card (credit or debit). Read the terms, flag ‘I agree’, and click ‘Buy Bitcoin’. It’s that simple.

Step 2: Email & Phone Confirmation

Enter your email and click ‘Send confirmation email’. You will receive an email containing the confirmation link and your credentials (you’d rather save them as you’ll need them later). Log in to your email account, open the letter, and follow the link. You will be redirected to the page that will congratulate you on successful confirmation.

Click ‘Next’ to get to the next stage — confirming phone. Enter your phone number and click ‘Send code’. You will receive a text message with the confirmation code you will have to enter in ‘Code’ field. Having entered the code, click ‘Confirm’. If you entered a wrong number or didn’t receive a text message, re-send the code after 60 sec from the previous sending.

Step 3: Identity Verification

Well, we’re done with the sign-up and confirmation. Time to verify your identity! Don’t be afraid of KYC: it guards your funds! Click ‘Upload ID Photos’. Read the verification terms, flag ‘I agree’, and click ‘Next’. Then specify your citizenship and choose the ID type. Carefully read photo requirements. After that, upload documents by clicking ‘Upload ID’. Then make and upload a selfie that needs to contain your face and ID. Check and confirm. Your documents will be verified within 3 to 5 minutes and then, all you will need is to fill out the source-of-funds form. Don’t worry, it only has three simple questions.

Step 4: Choosing Wallet & Paying

Congratulations on passing the verification! Now let’s get to the final stages. In Choose Wallet you can enter a crypto address in the Bitcoin network (bitcoins you will buy will be sent to that wallet), or use the in-house wallet. If you choose the first option, you will be charged a standard bitcoin withdrawal fee shown underneath the address field. If you choose the second, you will receive exactly as many bitcoins as you see in the header. Storing funds with Polyx, you will be able to sell your bitcoins whenever you like (especially in case of a price jump). Well, now the wallet is chosen and you’re almost there.

In Payment, you will see all the transaction details. Read them carefully and make sure the data you specified are correct. Should you want to change the wallet, click ‘Back’ and get to the previous stage. You can change the transaction amount at any stage: to do so, click ‘Edit’ nearby the header showing the amount. Having got back to the start, change the amount and click ‘Buy Bitcoin’ to skip confirmation and teleport to wallet selection. Choose the preferred option and proceed to the final step.

Step 5: Final Click

To make a payment, enter your name (as imprinted on the card you will pay with) and click ‘Exchange’. In the new window, enter card details and pay the amount. Once you make the payment, you will see exchange phases: deposit, purchase, and withdrawal (applies if you chose a third-party address).

Here you are: bitcoins are purchased. If you like the process, you can always make another purchase by clicking the eponymous button.

Quite simple, isn’t it? And fast: it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. No difficulties experienced, you now own currency of the future — Bitcoin.

P.S. All this is not the only feature of the platform! You can earn by inviting people to join Polyx. Probably, you have a couple of friends or even more who would love to get themselves some BTC. Tell them how to do this. When on Step 2, you will see 2 lines. Save the link from the second line and share it with anyone you know to invite them to the crypto world.

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