Building Your Own KITT Turnkey Replica

kitt turnkey replica

How would you like to become a proud owner of your own KITT turnkey replica? We can make your dreams come true, and even now, it is a sight to behold, says Motor1. We build excellent KITT replicas with all the features you need. Our team is always up for a challenge. So, if you want to go that extra mile, we have so many extras and options that will blow your mind!

Our service includes shipping to countries right across the world, so you can have your KITT replica built by our experts and shipped to your door, no matter where you are in the world.

Features of a Standard KITT Replica

We have a long list of features to meet your needs. You can also decide to have only the exterior enhanced, or a full job which includes the interior and exterior parts of the turnkey vehicle.

Here are some of the amazing features that we can add…

Voice-controlled Doors

The doors of your KITT replica can be controlled with spoken commands. You can open or close the door with the power of your own voice.

Remote Voice Command for the Engine

With a command you can start the engine! It is almost magical, and offers an exact representation of the Knight Rider movie. We have also connected a module that allows you to audibly hear the turbo sounds when you are accelerating. These special effects have been added to give you a thrill like no other.

Oh, and how would you like to have a conversation with KITT and hear William Daniels voice? We love to see the excitement and ecstatic expressions on the faces of our clients when we show them this featured. Please have a look at some of our videos to see how it works.

KITT Replicas from Different Seasons

The cost of your KITT replica will depend on the model you decide from a particular season. We offer everyone an opportunity to get their KITT models from season 1, 2, 3 and 4. However, you may choose to have a full conversion of the donor Pontiac Trans AM or only the exterior parts of the turnkey vehicle.

Building the Replica

We design the futuristic dashboard using only the best and highest quality materials. The futuristic features include Gullwing steering, switch pods, display screens, DVD players, as well as upper and lower consoles. All KITT replicas come with the traditional 15” turbo cast wheels with hubcaps.

The average time it takes to build a KITT replica is between 3 to 5 months. We make the payment structure convenient for our clients who can pay in installments.

Let’s make your dream of owning a KITT replica come true! To get started, head over to Oh, and check out this amazing replica –



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