Building an eCommerce Website: Your Guide to Success

If you are doing business in the modern world of business, then you need a custom eCommerce website. Your digital profile is likely the first place your audience will encounter you. In today’s world of instant commerce, you also improve your ability to do business when you create a direct line to your customer through the Internet.

Here is your guide to success when you are discussing e-commerce website development and building your eCommerce website.

3 Reasons Why You Need an eCommerce Website

1. Customers Prefer Shopping Online

Convenience is your friend when it comes to modern selling. The modern customer prefers shopping online, including you, most likely, says Forbes. There is definitely something to giving your customer base the ability to purchase your products and services in the comfort of their own homes. The cost to build an ecommerce website is usually paid back within the first few sales that every business makes online, which is another reason to get building now, not later.

2. Reduce Financial Risks

A digital storefront has the ability to reduce your cost of business tremendously. Instead of paying for an office, the utilities for that office, staff for that space, furniture, and so forth, you can create an ecommerce site and get the same result — sales of your products and services without all of the expenses! This is one of the main reasons that many businesses across the world are going completely digital, even giving employees the opportunity to work from home.

3. Increasing Your Options

When it comes to attracting your audience to your products and services, convenience is chosen as the most important business characteristic you can have to improve your performance. Having an eCommerce website gives your customers more choices, and it also increases your options for selling. Instead of spending your time going to the convention after convention and selling to wholesalers to get scale, you can simply put your business online and move more quickly and efficiently using a just-in-time supply chain and a convenient storefront.

How to Build a Successful eCommerce Website in 7 Steps:

1. Get a Domain Name

Your domain name is the most important part of your marketing. Many studies have found that your business can increase its online traffic by as much as 20% with a URL that is short and easy to remember. Most of the good domain names have been taken already however, so think of a unique spelling or use a relevant suffix just in case you will need to use a URL that is considered a “premium” domain.

2. Choose an eCommerce Platform or a Website Builder

Your e-commerce site cost will depend largely on the eCommerce platform or website builder that you choose. You have the ability to give yourself a great-looking website that performs well at a low cost with the right provider. Take the time you need to research during this stage because it is one of the bigger decisions that you will make on this journey.

3. Create the Main eCommerce Website Pages

Start with your major pages so that you give yourself a skeleton for the rest of the content for your site. Your custom website cost will increase depending on the deep web pages that you have, so you want to fit as much information as you can on these top pages. 

4. Construct a User-Friendly and Convertible Design

The main thing about web design today is making sure that it looks good on desktop and mobile. The two designs do not automatically fit, so make sure that you have a design that is convertible.

5. Showcase your products properly.

Getting great pictures and descriptions is a huge bonus and will drive sales very quickly.

6. Provide multiple payment options

Part of convenience is giving your customers the ability to pay you as they want. 

7. Be accessible to your customers. 

Customer service is essential! Make sure that you are always available to answer questions before, during and after the sale is made.

Ready to launch your e-commerce website?

Honestly, the cost of setting up an eCommerce website should be a secondary concern to getting your brand in front of your customers. Keep the steps above in mind when you are creating your digital presence because this sales landing page is perhaps the most important aspect of your digital footprint. You want to have a website that is easy to use with plenty of payment options and good looking pictures.

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